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Super Foods

Super 6 Foods to Chill all Around the World!

KULFI – India A frozen dessert foods of dense and creamy consistency, composed of a mixture of condensed milk, sugar and rice or corn flour. Try a variety of flavors such as cardamom, saffron, and rose. Kulfi is traditionally prepared by evaporating the sweetened and flavored milk with slow cooking and mixing almost continuously to prevent the milk from

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Outdoor Seating Reasturents

5 Outdoor Seating Restaurants in Sri Lanka

Choosing the best food restaurants that the particular country owns is indeed one of the best things on vacating to different countries. Ancient Sri Lanka is listed as one of the finest natural places in the world, holding the first place in tourism around the globe. Discovering the unique food that each country offers is likely the best part. What is more

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Friends Gettogether Beach

Get Together in Allai Beach Resort Jaffna?

Jaffna peoples searching for a great place for spending their valuable time for meet their childhood friends, school friends, work friends and also for annual parties. Jaffna peninsula is the most famous for coastal places. Always, they want to spend their time here without any disturbance from outside peoples. But, they are going to the same place again and

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Traditional Foods Jaffna

Wanna Taste Traditional Foods in Jaffna?

Traditional foods are known as which food recipe is come from our old generations and also have all nutrients without poisonous chemicals. Our old generation people lived for long years because of they only ate nutritious food as their meal without taking Junk Food.But, Nowadays We take Junk foods, slow chemical added foods, more cholesterol foods and

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Pizzahut Onionpizza

Pizza With Modern People

Yes, Pizza becomes the most favorite food for most of us. At any age young or adult, yes we love to eat pizza. It is one of the worldwide food. Nowadays birthday treats or anniversary treats or get together or even outing with a boyfriend is incomplete without tasting pizza. There is no need to be rich to afford pizza as our regular meal. Most of us are

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Cosy Hotels In Jaffna

Want to Experience a Good Lunch in Jaffna?

Are you a foodie? Are you in Jaffna now? Finding good Hotels in Jaffna is like a treasure hunt for many of us, we always expect to have a good and tasty experience for the money we are burning at hotels. Cosy Vege in Jaffna will be one of the finest choices for you! The word "Strike" is one of the most tasteful words for University Students. Yes, now

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Beach Hotel

The Beach All Suite Hotel – Negombo

“I work so can afford the luxury which gives relaxation required to continue going back to work. " As a holiday had fallen right after a weekend, I thought of going on a short trip with my friends on a Saturday. Hooray, it is a successful trip. Isn’t it? Do not be confused. Because gathering eight people for a trip is a success itself. After having some

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