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What Is Your Story

What is your story today?

What is your story today? Stories sound as if they can be anything from a video of anybody telling a tale from child's book. So, what does a Facebook story mean? When was it born? What are the latest updates on a Facebook story? Stories are in other terms another trending latest news either personal or professional but one that gives visual effects rather

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Economic Growth

Sri Lanka’s Economic Growth Outlook In 2018

Sri Lanka is a lower middle-income country with a population of 21.4 million people and GDP per capita of USD 4,073 in 2017. Every country own its set of characteristics, such as skilled manpower and natural resources, that influences in building its economy. These are the factors that influence the growth of an economy, the economic growth of a country is

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Pettah: The Dying Market Place of Colombo City

Colombo city revolves as the capital of this beautiful Island Sri Lanka. With so many inspiring places to visit, Sri Lanka holds the first place in tourism attractions. Pettah is known as Colombo's most hectic shopping palace that is possibly the best place in Colombo to get initiated with the local Sri Lankans around. Walking through this dynamic market

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Best- Mobile Marketing Trends to Explore.

As technology is in the desperate rule of the world and more in advance mobile marketing is becoming an enormous trend in the present days. Mobile marketing is a technologized channel that functions in multiple ways, more a less Digital marketing strategy to reach the targeted audience via SMS, MMS, Websites, Social Media, and certain Apps.  This is the way

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Social Media Attention

Tiny Businesses : Social Media Marketing Tips

Do you believe a world without social media platform would exist? It is unbelieve that, our way of living has really changed over the past decades because of social media. To be honest, this is really an emotional topic to talk about, but apart from that, we all know in common that social media is actually taking over and ruling our lives. The irresistible

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