What makes employees quit, and what can you do to prevent it?

Do you ever scratch your head wondering why your employees quit their jobs?
It’s pretty hard to digest as a boss when a good employee chooses to leave, which is often quite preventable.
The cost for an organization to buckle up, when a good employee quits is hard to replace immediately.
Nearly two-thirds of employees in the world are looking to move to other jobs. Employee turnover is a big problem in startups, replacing them could be really expensive. Get your hands on start looking why and try adapting to be more flexible.
Pressure At Work
Pressure at work
Why do people quit jobs? Head down to the video below
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Employees always seek opportunities to learn and grow in a tech firm. This is really important from an employee’s perspective. The job is not as what the employee expected when he/she joined in the first place.
  • Bad boss
  • Not offering better opportunities
  • Providing a lack of opportunities to growth

These single factors could make employees to quit jobs


Reasons why employees tend to quit jobs?

  • Failed to recognize employees unique talent
  • Not appraising them if something appreciable is done
  • Sharing less information and having less communication
  • Fail to listen to employees problems
  • The job isn’t as expected.
  • No work and life balance.
  • More pressure at work.

Pay more attention to the reasons I have given above so that your best employees will not feel like as if they need to quit.

There is also a need for you to find out the real reason behind why employees quit very early and if it is an employee who has worked for a very long time it is necessary as a boss to track down and go for deeper research.

However, an employee’s resignation will always allow you to examine your thoughts to process and take further steps to gain another best employee and make the rest stay in.

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