Following the local definition, I would simply define a ” Brand ” as the emotional and psychological relationship, a business creates with its customer to showcase themselves to the world. For instance, the most famous brands like ( Microsoft Corporation, Google and Amazon ), these brands have been taken in control of the world since ages.

So what is a Brand Style Guide?

This is completely a different term to be defined. Businesses can be really hectic to be maintained, if it goes out of hand then this is a serious issue to deal with. A brand style guide is more or less a document that describes the overall look of your brand representing it in visual media that looks such as prints, Internet and Broadcast. A brand guide is also the primary visual of your businesses grammar, tone and the word usage in the guide.


In even more short terms, a brand style guide is a set of rules to the company wants to present itself to the world.

Why does one business need a Brand style guide?

It can always be a little disturbing when you walk into your routine retail store, of course you know exactly where to find the brands you love, simply by starting to search for the product you love. What if it seems you can’t be able to find the product you are searching for? But nevertheless, it’s right in front of you.

But you didn’t give a glance since the company changed its packaging style!

It should be really frustrating if that is the fact? The new product isn’t that much appealing to you and even unrecognizable that once you were familiar with.

This is the reason why businesses follow up with a brand style guide. They consistently want to build trust with their customers by keeping their company image on board. This is simply the right way to keep up with businesses entity.

If you miss out to follow a set of a brand style guide to drive your marketing. For instance, if you are into selling phones you should tend to follow up marketing strategies with the right brand style guide to enclose a trusted, respected and professional business.

How do I create a Brand Style Guide?


This link will give you a brief description ofHow to create a Brand Style Guide? for your business in short

Confidence in  your  business:

When you are not following a perfect set of guidelines, the contents and products you own would end up looking as it has been plagiarised from another company. You wouldn’t love this, right? As this would close down all your hard work just like that. Stamping your logo on your content will add that professionalism to your business bring it to life making a great impression.

Update yourself:

I can simply tell you that one of the biggest pain for a business is to keep in track of all the elements and concepts of their clients. This can take a single ringback in your mind to get everything back but to take or look into the exact colors and logos your clients need is pretty hard. This is where a Brand style guide starts playing the role by keeping all of these important brand information in one place.

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