What is your story today?

What is your story today?

Stories sound as if they can be anything from a video of anybody telling a tale from child’s book. So, what does a Facebook story mean? When was it born? What are the latest updates on a Facebook story? Stories are in other terms another trending latest news either personal or professional but one that gives visual effects rather than written information. It adds new effects to the posts whereas it requires you to select the relevant action. In recent research, it has been found that users are more involving in stories rather than involving on Facebook posts.

What most people all around the world do is they check often the latest updates on Facebook stories to know the latest happenings from all around the world, estimating that there has been a recession in the Facebook’s normal post upload.

Story Update

Why does Facebook story matter for business? 

Saves time: Meaning people don’t like spending eventually more time on scrolling newsfeeds, as the present world is rapidly becoming busy the society always looks forward to saving time as much as possible.

Reaches the target audience: Stories allow businesses to share their content directly with the target audience. Furthermore, the con is that stories are only visible for 24 hours and if the specific business offers a discount or sales making it an appealing story nevertheless it will disappear in a day, enclosing the deal showcasing to the audience.

Social Media Stories

Reaches your preferred audience: Depending on the number of audiences you are followed with, more or less your updates may not be seen by your audiences if they are not scrolling the newsfeed or else they will have to keep on checking your timeline often which is quite awkward to even talk about this in this busy world. Since people quite frequently use a messenger for every minute in time eve, the targetted audiences will never miss an update, the story will be visible at the top of their news feed, regardless of your posts time. Once it was said that Facebook newsfeed even impacted people’s mental health.

Final Judgement:

Facebook was created to aid to stay people connected with those around the world. Businesses will need to research about on how to fit the right stories into their strategies, this way they will be able to use the Facebook story in the right way. The topmost reach of Facebook stories has made the public and businesses both to shift to the stories.

What have you been up to now? Maybe its time to upload your own story!

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