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Sri Lanka Surf

Top 7 Beginner Surf Beaches in Sri Lanka

On your Sri Lanka holiday, it’s not just breathtaking nature sights, gorgeous skyscrapers, delicious foods and welcoming people with beautiful smiles that waiting for you. Sri Lanka also one of the best beach destinations to try surfing for the first time. Spectacular beautiful beaches with warm blue waters, soft sands and crashing waves will guarantee that

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Snorkeling Beach Srilanka

I’d Rather Be Snorkeling

"Sri Lanka", the land of audacious coastal beauty, adventurous wildlife and a wonderland to witness the sunset which makes this island the ‘Pearl of Indian Ocean’ and the 'Diamond of the World'. Sri Lanka has come into the pinnacle for its fascinating snorkeling spots which are ideal for exploring the world underwater. These snorkeling spots are not only a

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Sri Lanka

Believe it or not

Ancient Sri Lanka is an Island enriched with almost everything in nature possibly every traveler could desire. The utmost beauty of this lady is the safari destinations with an abundance of wildlife squeezed into its fascinating 26 national parks every individual could explore. There are greeny rainforests, misty tea plantations that eventually will give you

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7 Breath taking places in Sri Lanka

So Much in So Little (Sri Lanka: The little Heaven) Not all the other countries around the world have as many sites as Sri Lanka does. You don't just see Sri Lanka instead you need to feel it. With over 2000 years of natural resources of love and history. several ancient sights in Kandy and Sigiriya still shows the remnants of the vanished era. Don't stand

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What Makes a True Traveller?

Travelling doesn't always end up as you expected. It isn't always comfortable. At times it hurts and at times it doesn't. Travel even tears your heart sometimes. But that is okay because the journey you have chosen is what you love, what you have chosen to do in passion. You don't have to be Indiana Jones and have to jump off from the top of the train. Being

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Travel to Create Remarkable Memories.

Travel and tourism are now two of the biggest trending credentials in the world. The power of travel is - of meeting and engaging with new people, checking out new places, and learning about their tradition and cultures which is the best thing about traveling. Apart from the experience of traveling, how we travel is enormously important, especially in places

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மனதை மயக்கும் அழகுடைய பாசிக்குடா கடற்கரை.

"மீன் பாடும் தேன் நாடு" என வர்ணிக்கப்படும் மட்டக்களப்பில் சுற்றிப் பார்ப்பதற்கு பல இடங்கள் உள்ளன. பாசிக்குடா கடற்கரை மட்டகளப்பிற்கு வடக்கே 34 Km தூரத்தில் அமைந்துள்ளது. இது ஆழமற்ற  ஒரு சுறுசுறுப்பான கடற்கரை ஆகும். மட்டக்களப்பு கலங்கரை விளக்கு இது 1913 ஆம் ஆண்டு கட்டப்பட்டது. கல்லடி பாலத்திலிருந்து (லேடி மன்னிங் பாலம்) சப்தமற்ற இரவு நேர முழுமதி தினங்களில்

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