Travelling doesn’t always end up as you expected. It isn’t always comfortable. At times it hurts and at times it doesn’t. Travel even tears your heart sometimes. But that is okay because the journey you have chosen is what you love, what you have chosen to do in passion.

You don’t have to be Indiana Jones and have to jump off from the top of the train. Being adventurous is a matter of being in that state of mind.

Traveling totally changes you in person, it possibly leaves you with scars of memory, on your soul and body that will later on bring you tears. While travel you take something within you. Hopefully, you leave something good all behind knowing well about the country’s history.

A real traveler: Scans the map every single day. thinking- ” what’s eventually interesting to see over there in that spot?”.

What makes a real traveler?

Travelling heals pain

The most commonly asked question about traveling is, what qualifies a ”real traveler,” Real travelers travel to learn, experience, and to feel all the human beings in the world. A true traveler eats from the locals, are always thirsty in seeing the sights rather than the foods, they tend to meet a lot of people and get back home with the willingness for more. Recently, a lot of people have been traveling to countries like Iceland. As there are so many things to do over there, a lot of travelers have been finding the time to visit that lovely country. There is a big list of things to do in Iceland over at Cars Iceland, so people should consider reading that and going over to Iceland if they want to experience a different culture.

What does Wanderlust mean?

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Descended from the German word ‘ Wandern’ means to walk, and ‘ Lust’ means a very strong impulse. Summarising, it means you travel if you have the urge to travel. Eventually, this gives the meaning of it.

What determines your passion for travel?

Simply it’s your thirst and hunger towards it that determines your passion towards it, it simply defines your love towards it.

This single factor doesn’t fully define that you are a real traveler.

Do you know there are a few types of travelers? Down below are a few you need to check down.

Road Warriors:

These travelers tend to spend more time in hotels and airports rather than in any other kind of travel, nevertheless they don’t have much time for holiday vacations and would rather stay in hotels

Hacker Travel:

A travel hacker also is known as Hacker travel who occasionally uses methods to secure hotels and flights for cheap travel. They know all the simple hacks to minimize their costs while travel, which I personally believe are not true travelers.

The country counters:

These are the type of travelers who do not choose their destination where they want to go on. They just visit throughout the world without any barrier. You won’t be judged by the number of countries you visit but the love and stuff you feel and enjoy throughout your entire travel.

Difference between a Traveller and a Tourist?

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Tourist- These are the ones that choose to go with the trending places in the world and are more considerate of photos and the famous places they visit.

Apart from tourists, travelers are the ones that prefer things that are hidden, they search for it with all soul without depending on anyone and enjoying while still being in the action. In turn, showcases: low budgets, destinations, backpacks, and getting in touch with the population, tradition, and culture

Travelers love taking risks and they are spiritually curious individuals. The obsession with traveling is like a drug you can’t simply keep it and stay calm.

Your blood keeps boiling and you are eager to go for your next adventure!

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