7 Breath taking places in Sri Lanka

So Much in So Little (Sri Lanka: The little Heaven)

Not all the other countries around the world have as many sites as Sri Lanka does. You don’t just see Sri Lanka instead you need to feel it. With over 2000 years of natural resources of love and history. several ancient sights in Kandy and Sigiriya still shows the remnants of the vanished era. Don’t stand to be surprised if you notice an elephant roaming on its favorite streets. There are a million reasons why everyone loves Sri Lanka from deep within. Here, we’ve dropped down a few of the most amazing places you could visit here in Sri Lanka. Get yourself prepared to be driven by this ancient beauty. Keep your cameras ready for the best clicks yet to come!

Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya ( The Poetry of Nature)

Botanical Garden

Looking at this beautiful view, one thing my mind reminds me of is, those memorable bring backs I could ever think of. The green pathway will eventually pull you towards a refreshing walk or a day out with your friends or family. The garden is spread with over 4000 different species that includes ayurvedic plants, trees and an extensive array of orchids. Imagine leaving a footprint of yours in the largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka. The perfect place for your Instagram post.

The main highlights in the gardens cover the Giant Bamboo of Burma. The ancient trees existing in the garden are still preserved by acres of fences for the absolute view of the tourists. The best time to visit the Royal Botanical Garden is during the morning and evening when the flowers are in full bloom. I have been to this beautiful spot a couple of times, the one thing that keeps on saying in my mind is to never leave this place. In case if you have missed out this pretty place to explore, don’t hesitate to go for it, grab your backpacks now and start moving. If you would ask me, missing this place, to visit, will be the biggest mistake you could ever make.

The Galle Fort ( The Ancient Beauty)


The absolute view at The Galle Fort will take you back in time. You will, in turn, feel as if you are spending time back then just like being there with the history, that feeling which has no words. Though the place is being transformed into shops, cafes, restaurants it is still being preserved for tourism since ages. As a leisure walk down the cobblestone lanes and the fortress wall will bring you that feeling of history coming back to life and the sunset view at the Flag Rock are some the best memories you could ever store. To explore this ancient beauty you can only enter the scene from the front gate. Don’t ever miss to visit this historical place that speaks the beauty by itself.

Sigiriya Fortress ( The Eight Wonder of the World)


Give a glance at this beautifully preserved archeological site in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya defined sometimes as the Eight Wonder of the World.by the Lankans. The mountain gives the figure of a lion’s paw sprawling which brings tons of visitors every year. The surrounding have been inhabited for over 4,000 years in time. What visitors can take, absolute direct views from the top of the fortress, viewing the vast gardens and historical frescoes etched on the walls which are literally a feast to the visitors. The creativity of the ancient constructors can be seen today making us to believe that history did really exist back then. Everything depends on your perception, on how you look at the view at Sigiriya! Once you visit this beautiful place you would grieve to go for another such trip. And long to create even more breathtaking views, judge yourself!

Adams Peak (The sacred footprint)

Adams Peak

A happy soul is all you need. Take a trek to the Adams peak to get that soul-filling experience throughout your entire journey. What makes the walk toward this huge mountain more interesting is that the top of the mountain which has a ”footprint”- that gives a hollow deep sight. The historical story lies as the Buddist think that it’s is the footprint of Buddha’s left foot. The Hindus believe as the footprint belongs to Lord Shiva.

The Muslims and Christians on the other hand claim that it was Adam’s first after being abandoned from the Garden of Eden by God. Hiking to Adam’s peak is quite a risk or even a challenging thing, so consider about your physical strength twice whether you would be able to do it like twice. It takes nearly 2 hours whereas the stairs are quite steep sometimes. Make double sure to bring your warm clothes as it is very cold on the top. Adams peak is the best tourist place during the weekdays. I recommend you to do this often!! The facts I have given above would definitely drag your mind in to visit Adam’s peak at least once in your lifetime. You feel rapped in one!

Dambulla Cave Temple ( The Fountain of Truth)


Could you imagine yourself being alone in a sacred cave, that once, centuries ago was the place where Siddhartha Gautama Buddha made his preachings. Commonly known as The Golden Temple is considered by many as the most ancient and beautiful preserved temple on the Island. The cave has been a holy site for all the Buddhist from the entire world which was built for a shocking 22centuries of a period. How could one not still visit this holy monastery? Therefore I would suggest you guys to visit this holy sacred place that is filled with lots of mysteries you should know about.

Mirissa Beach: ( The Paradise) 

Mirrisa Beach

Imagine spending a day at a white sand beach surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This is sometimes all you need. If you would ask me to choose to spend a night at Mirissa beach or Valentine’s day chocolate I would definitely choose a night at Mirissa beach, because at the end, all that matters is the experience you get to share even after ages. Mirissa beach is regarded as one of the Best beaches in Sri Lanka.

If you want to enjoy a few bigger waves and still be safeguarded by the shallow waters then probably Mirissa beach is the right place to go on with. Apart from surfing, Mirissa is a popular place for whale-watching during the mid of December and March.

Train travel from Colombo to Badulla ( Make your journey remarkable) 

Train Journey From Colombo To Badulla

It’s not about how long it takes to arrive, but the beautiful destination you reach while enjoying every bit of your journey. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka, Badulla is the capital of Uwa province, a place in Sri Lanka that attracts many tourists. The train from Colombo to Badulla runs via tropical countryside through almost 43 tunnels crossing the Mahaweli river. Plus giving you the absolute view of green mountains that would take your breath away running closet to waterfalls. Imagine you were there right now? Don’t miss this amazing journey that would definitely fill your soul with happy tears.

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this article about exploring the 7 most amazing eye-catching places in Sri Lanka.

Have you ever gone to these places? Would you like to try? How was your experience with these places? Share your experiences and let me know what you think about this article! Until next time, my mates!

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