Believe it or not

Ancient Sri Lanka is an Island enriched with almost everything in nature possibly every traveler could desire. The utmost beauty of this lady is the safari destinations with an abundance of wildlife squeezed into its fascinating 26 national parks every individual could explore.

There are greeny rainforests, misty tea plantations that eventually will give you a fulfilling view and above all dazzling beaches that will never kill your expectation. Sri Lanka is the quarter size of the UK where you will have the best holiday destination to spend your time in.

What is more is, the country affords some the most delicious hot spicy foods around the world, this is where people tend to fall in love with. Apart from such beautiful resources, the people living here have dealt with war, pain, sorrows that nothing could literally replace anything with and all the challenges of becoming south- Asian country- which they have done with great humility.

Winding up our series on this stunning tropical Island, down below are some of the most interesting facts you didn’t know about Sri Lanka.

1) Sri Lanka has the largest blue whale colony in the world:

Blue Whale Colony

Seeing a blue whale is like a dream come true thing for almost the entire population around the world. Blue whale the largest animal on earth is an extinct animal that could be rarely seen around almost all the oceans. The British government in 2001 listed Trinco as the world most top whale watching spot in the world.

2) Sri Lanka holds the second largest population of Asian Elephants:

Asian Elephant

SM Chandrasena last month revealed that Sri Lanka had almost 5, 879 wild elephants. The director of the wildlife department, HD Ratnayake, estimated a population of 5,350  in the previous calculation. Showing a rapid increase in the population and health of the elephants.

3) Adam’s peak is the most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka:

Adams Peak

In religious theory Adam’s peak also known as Sri Pada. This is where Buddhist’s believe that the footprint lying is Buddha’s. Hindu’s believe that it’s Lord Shivas. Muslims and Christians believe that it was the footprint of Adam’s as he was abandoned from the Garden of Eden. Whereas some believe that Sri Lanka itself was the Garden of Eden.

4) Sri Lanka held the longest span of time of civil war from 1983-2009:

Sri Lankan Civil War

For more than a period, of 25 years in the late 20th and 21st century, Sri Lanka tore apart in a brutal civil war costing the deaths of over 70, 000- 80,000 lives. At it’s very basic the war arose from the ethnic misunderstanding between Sinhalese and Tamil citizens. As the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealem wanted to create an independent state in Sri Lanka.

5) Sri Lanka’s national flag, one of the oldest flags in the world:

Sri Lankan Flag

The story relies on where it has been said that once during conquering of King Vijaya from India to Sri Lanka. A golden lion flag was brought by him to Sri Lanka. In 1815 when Sr Lanka became British Ceylon where the flag was replaced.  The flag represents a lion holding a sword which was reintroduced back then in 1948 after the Independence of Sri Lanka.

Hope the above host of interesting facts about Sri Lanka might have been quite interesting because I personally found it interesting as well. In case if you know any more do let them know down below. 

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