Haters Are Your Biggest Fans.

” Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans, ” said by the famous rapper Kanye West. Sounds ridiculous? No. The perfect quote said at a perfect time. Not everyone talks behind you is your hater. You have to choose and separate the right ones. Is this gonna work? Why should I waste my time to focus on them? Yes, right question. But who is wasting time ?. Your haters keep on wasting time just to watch your every wrong move. Just start loving people who gossip behind your back. That’s exactly where they belong, ” Behind your back “.

Haters Are Every Where]

We humans, are the best creation in the world. Every creature can Smile, Cry, Laugh, Drink, Eat and it goes on. But we humans have another lovely boon to ” Think wise and Choose Variety “. In the busy world, nobody takes care of others and started living their busy lives. So we need someone to point out our mistakes and appreciate us at our best. Remember,  Everyone, want to see you do well, Just not better than them. Whenever you think you having a bad day, just remember there is a miserable person watching to see you are happier than them and that’s your ‘Haters’. The world is full of fake people and fake promises. Not everyone is perfect and we ourselves know that we are halfway entering into the fake world. The person who loves you the most is gonna encourage you at any cause whereas your hater is gonna help you to find out your mistakes. ” Every day is wonderful, every moment is memorable”, But who is gonna add spice into it ?? who’s gonna make your day interesting and challenging.

Haters Gonna Hate

Your Success is directly proportional to your number of haters. Haters are not our enemies, they are our motivators. The best way to keep them worried is with your happiness. ” Don’t stop when you’re tired, Stop when your haters feel tired of you. Life is short and thoughts are vast.

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