The Unbelievable Truth About  University Life

I am a university student and I must write it for who think that go to university is waste of the 4 years of time in your life. I spend 3 years of time in university. I can feel the changes of mine after came to the university. It’s a very sad thing that more than 25% of students who got university admission don’t go. Even I also faced this type of situation when I got to select to this university. I am in a middle-class family and I am the first person who selects to the bachelor degree. I didn’t know about the course that I follow now.

My situation was like I was in a desert, Most of my mindset was not allowed to go to university, but finally, my parent sends to me. Now I feel fulfill. More than knowledge here I learned many things to my life. Whenever I went I can’t learn this experience and opportunities. The common thinking is only the major result students must go to university and the lower and middle result students better to go for a job than these 4 years waste of time. You also face this type of situations. But it’s my duty to clear what are things that learn from here and what are the opportunities that I have in these 4 years.

Opportunity to learn languages

In our county, all the universities have both Tamil and Sinhala students. If you are a Sinhala student who studies in Tamil Area University you can learn Tamil also. Most of the lectures are held in English so you can improve the English knowledge also. When you ask a 1st year student he/she can’t fluent to talk in English but the same student came to the 4th year he/she definitely will do it. You can say we have private courses to learn a language, but think how many languages you learn until now from this private institute. In university, if you like or not you must learn another language because of your environments. It doesn’t have other private language centers. The spoken languages are fluent if you are a university student.

Prepare your budgets at your own

When we are at home all the money income and expenses all handled by your parents. Rarely some of are known your family budget. After came to the university you only handle your incomes and expenses. If you like or not you must know your needs and favorites. Before university, you can’t know the value of money but after the university, you must spend each and every rupees carefully. Don’t waste your parent’s money on unnecessary things. If you are a university student thinks about yourself. Am I correct?


At home, we have separate rooms and things on our own, but after coming to the university it must totally change. You will fluent to stay above 5 in small rooms and the clothes and other things also be common. If you are common person think can you learn this from any institute? In each hostel have multi-language students from various places, in this place you can learn many things. It will help you to know the culture and many things. Now you can really know how to manage people and how to identify people?

Public speaking

Now, most of the university students are the domination of every social Media. Don’t think that they waste their times when they put each and every status you can see their ability of strong comments and creative thinking. In every politics and other issues, the first sound must from a university student. I saw on my friend list in school time he didn’t speak any word with us but after went to the university now he dominate others in social media. Not only social Media but also, in reality, they stand up for against the problems. I didn’t know that much of politics before came to the university. But now the situation is totally changed.


Every university students don’t love to earn money their first love is traveling. Is it right guys? In my point of view, most of our love the nature and most of our have the opportunity to have university from a long distance from the homeland. So they used to travel over the night. In Sri Lanka majority of the universities situated in the mountain areas so students enjoy their university life through nature. Especially the girls have the strength to travel alone at night for long distance. University girls have the confidence to travel in the night alone. In the home, you can’t make this manner but in university, you have to face this.

Extracurricular activities

In my experience more than studies I enjoy the extra activities. Now I can swim, play basketball, hiking adventures, dancing, singing and etc. that before I didn’t have. Every university makes opportunities to learn many sports, cultural events and adventures to the students. But every student doesn’t use these opportunities. You must learn this type of extra things in university life. This is the place we can learn this thing. Rather than this, every student must learn how to enjoy the life? Think about this, you can’t ever learn from anywhere this type of joys.


If you aren’t a university student you must wonder why I talk about the study at last! But the reality is we learn from our age of 3 to go to university, but after coming to the university we stress our mind to study for a job. To understand the actual situation is when you be happy you can learn things. In university they guide how to learn only, then we must learn with our self-learning. I understand the situations, which we don’t want to memories what we want to do is only understand the things and search more and more. After finishing our degree we have the knowledge, not a job. People think University is a job offering place, that’s wrong it’s a multi-purpose place. But if you learn from there you must come out a good citizen.


Therefore some are against to my points. But there’s no place that has only the good things, but it depends on you. If you go for the good willing you never fail. So as a university student I have shared my experience here. If you are against to send your daughter/son/brother/sister to university this is for you. You must understand the situation. Also, who will sit to the advanced level examinations you also understand. Think about yourself, don’t spoil your opportunities.

If anyone didn’t go to university after getting the admission, you spoiled another person opportunity and miss a good place to learn the life. I hope all you enjoy my blog, does this make any inspiration? If yes you must share your ideas and suggestion in comments.

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