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Education In Our Country

Importance of Education

Let’s brighten the future through a good education There are two types of wealth existing in this world. Those are education and material wealth. You may think that what is material wealth? It refers to the amount of stuff you have for example car, house, money and etc. But this cannot be attained by all the people. Therefore education is the greatest weapon

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The Unbelievable Truth About  University Life

I am a university student and I must write it for who think that go to university is waste of the 4 years of time in your life. I spend 3 years of time in university. I can feel the changes of mine after came to the university. It’s a very sad thing that more than 25% of students who got university admission don’t go. Even I also faced this type of situation

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Altair Srilanka Civil

Why Do You Prefer Civil Engineering?

Engineering is a wide range of science includes civil engineering, computer science, electronics and telecommunication, electrical, material science and mechanical engineering. In fact, the civil engineering is least preferred among the engineering students as most of those want to work in a comfortable atmosphere without any physical works. You have

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University Ragging Senior

Is It Important to Have Ragging or Not?

Ragging in Srilankan Universities is called as practicing University's rituals, behaviors and etc by the second year students to first-year students.  Giving practices for the rituals is good but the worst is ragging hurts anyone.  Sri Lanka totally banned ragging in Universities nevertheless it's going on.We have some happy moments and pissed off moments in

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Studying Methord

இலகுவாகவும் வேகமாகவும் படிக்க வேண்டுமா ???

அலைபாயும்  மனதை  கொண்ட  மாணவ பருவத்தில் மனதை ஒரு நிலைப்படுத்தி கவனமுடன் பாடங்களை படித்தால் வாழ்வை எதிர்கொண்டு வெற்றி பெறலாம்.  இந்த உலகத்தில் பிறந்து பள்ளிக்கூடம் சென்று படிக்காமல் தப்பித்துவிட முடியாது. அங்கே  படிக்க வைத்தே உங்களை சாகடித்து விடுவார்கள். படிப்பது என்பது மிக மிக கசப்பானது. படிக்கும்போது எந்த முறையில் படிக்கிறோம் என்பது முக்கியம். ஒரு

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