Wanna Become an Entrepreneur in Tourism?

Are you wanted to become an entrepreneur in tourism? This may help you to know your customer’s attractions. By 2030, Devices and implement policies try to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products: Jungle Safari/ adventure tracking etcJungle Safari, adventure track, boatyard and etc are the most attractive sources in tropical countries like Sri Lanka for tourists. So, it is better to focus on these tourism ways to improve the economic level of the country.


Here we can notice that this source of tourism is directly or indirectly depends on transportation. Using luxury and safe-full transportation modes will attract tourists and it will bring us a large number of tourists.

First, we should have a comfortable traveling mode to these places from the capital of the country. In jungle safari, tourists are taking into the forest by a family vehicle. That vehicle should be safe-full and comfortable as well as it should be able to clearly watch the forest from the vehicle. If they feel it is not safer or comfortable to observe the jungle, then they don’t prefer to visit these places anymore.


In boating adventures also they prefer a safe-full and joy-full journey. So we must have good condition boats and well-trained guides. Here we must notice one thing, they are willing to put money on a better quality service even if they are expensive. But they hesitate to fund on worse quality services even if they are cheaper than others.

By placing hotels and restaurants around these places, we have another chance to get income. And those hotels and areas around them should be clean and neat. So we should have a proper garbage disposal method. To do this we need a proper transportation facility.

These hotels and transportation offer lots of job opportunities. And it is a better place to sell traditional and local products around these tourism areas. Foreign visitors, who visit these places probably, buy these things in interest or as a memorable product. This is a very simple method to promote our local products and culture among them.


Introducing modern transportation methods is another way to attract tourists. For example nowadays if we go to Japan or USA, we try to travel in bullet train at least once even if it is expensive. Like that if we will have any rare or unique traveling method that will be a plus point. (That can be the cheapest method. But it should be a rare or unique one. Eg: boat traveling in Tokyo.)

So, I believe that these things will create jobs and promotes local culture and products through tourism,

This is the time for the tourism side entrepreneurs. Add more Facilities and qualities for your services and gain a good profit from tourism service.

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