Want To Enjoy The Real Beauty Of Jaffna Beaches?

Do you know Jaffna? The negative answer for this question is rare. At least you heard the name of it. It’s the major city in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Jaffna has majority of Tamil people. So you can see many Hindu temples in there. Not only Jaffna is famous for temples but also beaches. You can see there are many beautiful beaches. You can enjoy the sun bathe, beach side games, swimming and fantastic view.

Thalaiyadi Beach You can go to these beach on the way to Jaffna. Thalaiyadi Beach located in Thalaiyadi, Pachchilaiplli. You want to turn from Soranpattu Junction in the A9 Main road, then nearly 7 km you want to travel to reach this beach. It’s the best and rare known beach in Jaffna.There are less number of tourists but the place is worth to travel and enjoy.One of the best beach in Jaffna. You can find clean water, calm place & awesome waves. This is the best place to spend the time with friends. Most of the people don’t know about this place. You must visit this beach.

Casuarina Beach

It’s one of the long beaches in Sri Lanka with low-cost entrance fee. It is located in Karainagar, about 20 km from Jaffna Town. The beach specialty is its sand. It’s like brown dusts, very little and when your foot prints there you can feel that cool and warm. Little Shadow houses are there, you can enjoy the view from itself. It’s the best place to enjoy the sights of the sky and sea. The place located in a village so there you can feel the silence. If you want to spend some time to talk with your persons, you can select the place. Also you can have a bathe and playing games in water.

The sound of the waves are mesmerizing. Foreigners and local people come and enjoy the nature. There are changing rooms, washroom, snacks shops and water facilities. But be careful when you get bathe because it’s little bit depth and speed waves. There are civil security policemen for your security. So if you are a nature lover this is best place.


KKS Beach

It’s the wonderful beach. It’s located in Kankesanthurai (KKS). For the best joy you can catch the Yarl Devi Train Service which runs from the Fort railway station. It’s the final stop of the Yarl Devi. It is one where visitors step into pristine waters and enjoy a swim in the hopes of cooling off after a long day of exploring the town in the sun.

Long strolls in the windy surroundings, boat rides and picnicking on the beach are the most popular activities here. The area, is fast becoming a hub for beach lovers. Aside from enjoying Kankesanthurai’s magnificent waters, there is also a number of things to see and explore while relaxing on the beach. The beach provides you with a clear view of the impressive Naval Port and KKS lighthouse. It also gives you great access to the areas fishery harbor. Head on out there to get a firsthand look at how these villagers make their livelihood. Or walk along the streets of Kankesanthurai just a few miles away where one can marvel at the remnants of colonial architecture.

Nowadays there you can see most of the photographers and videographers to their functional outdoor shootings. You can get luxury restaurants and food items. Most of the marriage couple rooms are booked here because of the nature of the beach. Now it’s become one of the favorite beach to many people.


Chatty Beach

Chatty is the famous beach for long time in Jaffna. It’s the the best beach for enjoy the actual things in beach. You can bathe, play, boat ride and sand games. It’s located in Kayts, 20km from Jaffna town. The road to Kayts is a lot longer than it first appears, but the scenery is so gorgeous. Along the way, fishermen worked on their nets in the shallow waters and graceful white storks provided constant company.

The place of the beach is very amazing. You can enjoy the sun rise and sun set there. A lot of trees are surrounded that place, fully natural places. You can enjoy the actual beauty and it’s really worth to spend time and money to the travel. The enjoy that you can get here is the specialty of the Chatty. You can get toilet, Dressing facilities and refreshment shops there.

Therefore if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of beaches you must drive to Jaffna. There you can find mind-blowing beaches with fantastic environment.Here i  point out some major things that you must consider when you go these beaches. So plan your trips to enjoy the best beach experience now. You can find best beach restaurants also from our uplist.lk web site.How many of you go all these beaches? Just leave a comment about your experiences with me.    
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