Want to Earn a Lot?

Now we are living in a world, people always running to earn money. Do you want to earn a lot? Read below.

This is an era where we running behind money. At the start, we spend our health to earn the wealth and at the end of our days, we spend that wealth to earn health, to earn some more time. So what actually happens in between gap?

  • Are you always happy?
  • Do you enjoy all your moment as you wish?
  • Can you feel satisfied at end of each day?

If I ask this question, I am sure most of you will reply “NO”. Then what are we doing? We are living in the future which is not certain, we always anxious about what will happen in the future. We don’t enjoy our present. The main reason for this is MONEY. Yes, I agree we all need money to live as we wish. We need money to buy things, travel and enjoy whatever we want. But the truth is after we start to run for the money, we forget what we need and we miss the things which we can earn never ever earn. We neither live the present nor future. The result is we die without living what we want.

It all begins when we give up our passions for the paycheck we receive at the month end. We dress for our work we think for the benefit of the company which will give us pinch from that profit. We stick with a routine life. Waking up, Bathing, Dressing, Eat on the run, Drink on the run, Working, Coming back and sleeping again in the next day morning we wake up and the routines continue. Each day is same for us. We locked up in a powerful prison we cannot realize we are locked up. We work for the WEEKEND and we END up WEAK.


We don’t have time to eat together with the family or the person with the person we love, we work late for the extra money and the annual leave which also not certain. What happens to relationships when you don’t spend enough time with them. Yes, it is true the person cares about you will understand your situation. But, who gonna love that person unless you were not there. They too need

  • Some love in return.
  • Some time together.
  • Some memories together.
  • Some smiles together.
  • Shoulder to lean on.

because we can’t assure whether we will be alive on the very next second. Even the whole world can come to an end.

We all have a passion, we all have a potential, we all have a genius inside us. What we have to do is ask ourselves At the end of my life, What will I regret?  Star doing what you wish to do. Don’t be afraid of failures. The pain of regret weighs far high than the pain of risk. A winner is a loser who tried just one more time.

And live for the people you love, enjoy the moments with them. Don’t always think you will have a moment in future. Future is undetermined. The present is a reality. Live in REALITY…!.

Thank you for Jay Shetty.

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