Do You Know The Huge Benefits Behind The Religious Fasting?

Are you blaming someone for the continuous religious fasting? Most of the new generations don’t believe the god and we hate these fasting. Am I right? Yes, I also blamed my mother why do you follow these 1-month fasting and else. But today you also surprise after reading this blog. There is much unbelievable truth behind theses fasting. Even the followers may be don’t know the big advantages behind it.

Want to become slim

Nowadays people have cholesterol, diabetics and etc. But all these diseases medicine is control your weight. But we can’t do it. Even most of the adults also faced this problem.  Most of the adult’s dream is becoming slim. There’s no matter you are a boy or girl you must love to be attractive to others. But all we have a bad habit of hate doing hard things. It means we love to reduce weight with easy ways. Maintain our weight is a very good habit. It will increase our life also. Not only the adult’s everyone must maintain your weight according to your BMI.

Intermittent Fasting

Do you hear about intermittent fasting? Most of our thinking it’s like our usual dieting but it’s different and easy to maintain than dieting. Most of the people lazy to follow the diet, because of the control of food items. Most of our love to eat some common varieties like chicken, ice cream and some other. But in dieting these all food items strictly prohibited. So if you follow dieting after some days you get bored and drop it. The intermittent fasting is different from it. You can eat whatever you love but in some mentioned times.

Is it sound good? This intermittent fasting isn’t new for us. It’s same as to the religious fasting. In earlier days most of the girls follow Friday fasting and some Gowrie fasting also these are the same functionality to intermittent fasting. Now let’s see the actual functionality to follow intermittent fasting. In here we change the time of eating rather than food types. So you can enjoy the foods that you love to eat. There are 2 types of fasting, first one is Time-restricted feeding. It means you have to take only 2 meals at 1 pm and 8 pm only other times you can’t eat anything. If it will happen there are 16 hours you don’t take anything but this period 12 hours of sleeping so you can easily manage. This is the actual our normal religious fasting said. When we follow this fasting according to the name of god it will increase your mind control also.


The second type is whole-day fasting. It is a little bit hard. You can’t eat for the whole day, but if you want you can take water and coffee. Overweight persons, you can try this. Most of the overweight girls who are nearly ready for their marriage also benefited from this type of dieting. You can follow this once a week or thrice a week according to your body health. It will reduce the calories 500-600 on a day of fasting. This is our last day of every religious fasting end up like this whole day fasting. You can’t control your mind to follow these fasting in normal days. But if you follow these the name of god you also get benefited and your family also like you.

Advantages of intermittent fasting

Especially the girls, most of them are become overweight after school times and after marriage also. So you can follow these fasting will reduce your weight. If we reduce weight it will help you look slim and healthy life also. When we have a perfect body we can have many advantages. Healthy life, confident in our works, active on our days and long life also. Therefore now all who are overweight will follow every religious fasting. Elders will respect you. Wow in this modern world such a devotional person are you? But we know the actual truth. So who is going to follow Navaratri fasting on this year? Let me know something about your ideas from my blog in the comments below.

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