Does Women’s are strong enough to Face the Problems alone ?

Do you really want to know about a girl? We are in a very developing century in technology, culture, and many other things. But still some things never change in our mind. One of the things is girls. Always after hearing this word, we think about fear, soft, beautiful and gratitude. Whatever things happen around the world still we cannot change something from this word. Do you know about the power of being a girl? It is a wonderful chance that we have. We have the superpower of giving birth to another soul. Everyone as a girl must be proud about this. It’s a nature’s gift that we have.


We always depend on some others. From childhood, our guards are father, your elder/ younger brothers, boyfriends, husband, son, grandson… Why do girls only depend on others for their safety? This is like an unwritten rule in most of the developed countries. If you don’t allow girls to go alone to at least nearby shop, then how can she manage a critical situation in another place. Most of the girls also adapt to this culture also. They also get acquainted with this. Girls must think about this problem. If you can’t face a situation at your pace how can you live in another place?


First, we must change our mindset that girls can achieve anything and we are not weak. Then only we can change the society. Make yourself confident and don’t afraid to face problems. If you give your best to face lonely to a problem after that also you feel need support then go for others. Girls must relive from the unwanted fears. Maximum we want to face problems if we run from problems it will make run to you forever.

Most of the girls have nervous in many problematic situations. If you be nervous it will make your opponent as strong. When school days we afraid of exams more than boys, then advanced level times we afraid to go to night classes, In university we afraid to travel in the night alone. You can’t estimate the value that you lost from these situations. Sometimes you were the best student in the class because of the exam tension you lost to become No one. Sometime that night class is an important one for your studies if you missed that you lost in your A level. Sometimes that day you have an important function in your home you lost because you can’t go alone.


Dear girls, you can understand your situations and be strong to yourself. You have the power to face anything. You can think about a situation that you also wonder about your strength. Every girl must strong inside but our society pushes us to be fear always. This is your time if you don’t break the situation now, your daughter will effect of this issue.

Dear boys make a place to come out your girls at home from these situations and fears. You can help them to move out. Let your girlfriend face problems alone until her capacity. If you don’t make them strong your daughter will continue this critical issue.

Do you know that in a childbirth every woman faces 57 Del (unit) of pain? A human body can bear only up to 45 Del (unit) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time. Now can you imagine our fearful mother can be faced these issue 5 times (I have 4 siblings)? So think about you, you also have the power to face anything that boy. A boy can’t face at least 1 or 2 bones fractures at a time but a woman can! Think about yourself don’t miss your opportunities because of these unwanted fears. Be strong mentally it will lead to physically become strong. I am proud to be a woman. Do you? If you add more values to my blog send your valuable comments below.

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