Comparison of Women’s Lifestyle

What kind of woman are you?

There was a time men ruled the world in all the way. It was a male chauvinistic society, women were considered inferior to men. Although they have equal talent and intelligence like men, their skills and abilities were ignored. The man was the solo person who earned money for the family, while women were denied to do work and they were controlled by rules, regulations, traditions and cultural needs.


They were not given with freedom in everything. Their plight was pathetic and miserable. They were kept inside the houses like house arrest, they had to keep the house clean, look after the family, and bear children. They were adapted to live such kind of life. The fact is that they were not considered strong as like men physically or mentally. They were forced to marry at their young ages. They had to accept that as they ruled by men. They were not educated and they were not employed. Their rights were refused. They were not given the certain opportunities in the society. They were not allowed to take part in such cultural programs and others events. Families were dominated by men, women were denied to express their arguments. When they reach marriageable age, they were struggling with the dowry. Poor women had no choice. They had to remain unmarried. After married when they became pregnant they did abortion or if they brought forth a baby girl, they killed the baby too. This was common at that time. Even this happens in such areas. now there were many other organizations such as PWC, FEW and the self-defined right wing of the movement, WEAL proper laws were made to keep women rights. As a result of this, the day march 8Th in every year was declared as the world women’s day for their welfare.

After these revolutionary views, the woman is considered equal to man in every field. They are given several opportunities. There is hardly any field in which women don’t play an important role. They became teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists and political leaders. They are given the equal priority. Women have dominated all fields like sports, arts, politics, aviation, and even in armed forces. From the early days, we can find a lot of outstanding talented women who were exceptional in their respective fields. Women like Mother Theresa, Helen Keller who were awarded Nobel prizes for looking after the sick and dying on the streets in Calcutta. margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of England, called ‘iron lady’, srimavo Bandaranayke the first prime minister in the world and so on.


The world plays more attention on avoiding sexism. Gender equality becomes the common theme in most of the nations, women have started to take the head role of the family. In the ancient times, a woman was forced to “sathi”, when her husband died. But now a widow can easily run the family successfully. Now they can even play games like cricket, football which were meant for men earlier. Women can ride and drive. They have joined the military and fight bravely. The idea of man as a breadwinner has changed. Women play a dual role. She is capable of being a good wife, mother daughter, and even a clever employee. In short, we can say that a considerable number of women don’t depend on others. Even though we see such independent women everywhere, we are aware of another kind of women, who are still being abused.

Although they are talking about women liberation, in which certain societies women are kept as dolls in the parlor and they have the similar problems like that of the ancient women even now, the custom of seeing a widow as untouchable remains in some societies. We speak about gender equality; there is really a sense of delicacy, love, affection and such soft qualities in a woman, beyond all the above descriptions that’s why she is portrayed as a symbol of patience, kindness, and love. Because of these qualities woman needs higher security than men. According to the report of the journals, its women who are most affected by sexual abuses. When they go to work, their security is threatened sometimes. So the government should pay more attention towards them.


So it’s a worldwide accepted phenomenon that women have equal rights as men in all spheres of life. Women are not inferior to men in any way. Even now we see many women working as diplomats in many parts of the world. They have proved their talents. There are many social institutions to protect them and to fight for their rights. Amidst this, we still hear stories that women are considered as weaker such they are harassed at home, at offices, and in many other places.Abduction, sexual abuse, deprivation of proper employment, dowry menace make the life of the women miserable on earth. Another fact is that one’s identification is given only through a male’s name, not through a female. But the world is changing. Many changes are yet to take place before women are completely liberated from their difficulties.

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