Reality of the Uma Oya Projects and Responsibility of the Citizens.

Have you known at least word before? Most of the people even don’t know the name. It’s a big project that currently in the process in the Badulla district. It’s actually a Hydropower complex called Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project. Except for the affected area people, others don’t know much about these project and its issues. The construction of the complex was inaugurated in April 2008 by our former president and Iran president. The total project cost is estimated to be approximately US$529 million (approximately Rs.80 billion), 85% of which is provided by the government of Iran. With a construction project this big, and with this amount of money being spent, many residents are beginning to think that the people working on this should have access to the best construction apps, (you can look here for information) on the market, as they want it to be carried out as safely as possible. And keeping track of their daily notes and reminders will help them to get the project done at a much quicker rate. But then again, a project of this magnitude should not be rushed.


Our country is the one of the natural beauty of the world. We have blessed with such a natural sea, waterfalls, mountains, rivers and other natural places. We have the best natural water supply system to the whole country. The middle part of the country has huge mountains and waterfalls on it, those water pass through many rivers to the whole country. But nowadays it will change according to the climate changes. Most of the northern and eastern provinces face huge drought. That places don’t have at least drinking water also. These places nearly look like forests.


The government of the country has the responsibility to solve this problem. But what they did is they sign these project to stack the water from well-made to Dyraba and in 23 km long trans-basin diversion tunnels with an underground power station at Randeniya. This project aims to generate hydropower and water for industrial activities. However, it’s affecting the right to water of the local communities and our natural water reservoirs become to dry. If this project will continue it will lead to making our country as dessert.


This Uma Oya project is a disaster for the local people around the project areas. There are a lot of lost than benefits from this project. Our government must take supporting an action for their citizens. The Kirindi Oya that located in Ambadangama, close to the main tunnel of Uma Oya project to dry up over years, Galahagama, a village adjoining Ambadandegama, experienced massive cracks on the earth and also the Hil Oya in Bandarawala also dry up. Most of the people don’t know these effect of the Uma Oya project. Government post only the benefits but rather than that we will lose many of our natural water resources and the natural beauty of our country also.


There are 9495 families living in these project located areas. The population of 8457 inhabitants is 30,320. In these areas, only 2979 houses have been damaged. In Bandarawala only 4002 families affected out of 8547 it’s nearly half of the amount still the construction of this Uma Oya project. There are many protests against for this project. Every citizen in this country must know the details and effects of each project at least conduct by near your places. It’s the duty of every citizen to support the good projects and against the bad projects conducted by the government. If we allow a bad project it will affect our future generation also. So be aware of these type of issues. Most importantly the educated people must aware these events and guide other people also. If you add more value to my blog send your suggestions to the comments below.

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