Availability of New Technology in Film Industry and Sports

New technologies are being introduced all the time now and each new product has a massive impact on the film industry. Above all, this technology impresses the audience, and they are left happy with their viewing experience. Additionally, it seems that the audience is very much interested in spending money on watching films. Examples of new technologies within the production process include things such as digital handheld cameras, new editing software like after effects, SFX, computer-generated images, and the new massive introduction of digital film and 3D technology.

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If we consider 3D technology and other digital systems, we have to look at high concept films and low concept films as well. Scientists design Pixar’s own programs to perfect the 3D feel in their films, which affects the film industry as it gives Toy Story a unique selling point that audiences won’t find with any other film.


The Avengers use very similar technology in its production. Significant technological developments went into creating a virtual New York, the visual effects, 3D features and other digital systems. These design elements, created by software are a treat for the audience that enhances their viewing experience so they feel more part of the film.

The filmmakers produce the film over budget. The producer doesn’t know much about the new technologies and the new way of the film industry so they invest more in the production.

After 3D came into action in the film industry. It gets more effective customers. The quality and the reality of films bring out more customers for the film industry. At the same time, it also produces a harmful effect to eyes while watching 3D movies.

Using many new technologies in filmmaking. It costs a lot of money and this is a major issue in film industry .we can’t promise it would be a blockbuster movie if we invest much on that. We have to capitalize on viewer’s expectations for the success of the movie.


All television networks don’t have HD content for their channels. Addressing the development of interactive technologies in other media is a huge issue in the future film industry. the interactive Television network is struggling to find enough HD content for their HD channels, let alone their new 3D channels like Britain’s Sky 3D. The biggest problem with the film industry in the future will be addressing the development of interactive technologies in other media.

Promotion is important to build the viewer’s expectations towards the film. Using new technologies the filmmakers put some big efforts to promote their films. Releasing first look, teaser, trailer, posters and also advertisements on TV channels. Make certain your movie is genre specific. Genre the only way for the people who buy the film and the marketing manager of a distribution company can quickly visualize the movie poster, trailer and marketing campaign. we should learn how to communicate with TV channels and filmmakers to deliver saleable content in the format which will deliver maximum revenue. Through These new technologies in the film industry, the films makers, directors and actors will be benefited.


The film industry is the key to the economic growth. The directors, actors and other technicians will be paid with more money. It’s true that new technologies bring out some good quality movies. But at times the producers fail to make much profit as they invested. If the spectator is ready to watch and spend more money for the quality movies then both parties will be benefited.

Youngsters are most likely interested in sports and cinema. Sports are essential in human life after education to stay fit. Whether it is an individual game or group game we have to play with the spirit.

The availability of new technologies in sports brings out the genuine results. There is criticism towards the new technology in sports as it will minimize the speed of the game, but at the same time, the players and the spectators are happy with the correct decisions being made using new technologies.

In most of the professional games, the instant replays and other high technologies help the referee to make the right call. If we consider about cricket, there is a lot of new technologies being introduced. Hotspot system to ensure whether the ball touched the bat or not, the DRS method to get to know how the ball will be travelling if it wasn’t defended.


Third umpires can communicate with the on-field umpires to make right decisions by watching replays via wireless technology, especially the run outs. In basketball, referees use replay systems to make sure the ball was shotted correctly or not. It is a most popular game in the USA, having a wide fan base.

In football, technologies could be used to ensure whether a ball passes over the goal line, penalty decisions and from where the ball was kicked for a goal. These similar systems and methods are also being used in other games like tennis, badminton and rugby as well. So all together coming of new technologies made a big impact on the most popular film industry and sports.

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