How to Bring Colors in Your Life?

In today’s lifestyle, we lost many rare habits from our ancestors. In ancient days they, wake up early in the morning, always have patience with them. They had the natural time management system and they didn’t have a lot of diseases in often. We proudly said we are a well-developed generation, we have the technology but also we have more and more new diseases. Do we really happy what we have? Or do we enjoy our life? Most Number of people really struggle with their life. There’s no age difference, even our children also face problems. We must think about us. What are we doing now? Is it happy for us? It isn’t what shall we do to be happy?

What do you feel a single color on a page? And at the same time what do you feel while you see a rainbow? When there’s a multi-color we called it as colorful. If you want to make your life as a rainbow just think points below in here.


Take Care Yourself

Nowaday’s people all become selfish, some are blame for it and some are welcome it. The actual thing the term selfish means you work toward your happiness only. It may be wrong, but in my point of view is your goal is others happiness but your mission will be your happiness. It will confuse, but in reality, it’s the truth first love yourself then only you can spread that love to others.

People are working too much they don’t have enough time to care themselves. For example, I am the mother of a family, when I get fever how can I take care of my husband and children? Think about it. Take care of yourself. You must schedule your time and do it properly. You must get your foods and leisure time correctly. Earning money is important but it’s not that much of important than your health. Best time management solves half of our problems then try to eat healthy foods it will help to run out from diseases.


Take Care Your Child

Next thing is enjoying the life, everyone searches their happiness outside of them. But the real happiness is yourself. Most of the people post on the social Medias that they feel alone. Do you ever think in your spirit you have another person?  Someone feel are you crazy? But believe me, it’s the reality, Mind mean it’s a child of us. It’s inside of everyone. Do you ever talk with your child? I mean your mind? Yes, I often talk with my child, I am studying, working and doing more things, every day I finished my day I talk with my child. How do you feel? Are today you happy with me? Are you feel something uncomfortable? If my child isn’t happy with the day-to-day activities I want to change it. Try to be friendly with your mind.


Enjoy with Nature

Enjoy nature is the most important thing. As a Sri Lankan, we are lucky enough in this matter. We have the abundant natural beauty in our country. In a month or weak, go for a trip and enjoy the natural things like rivers, mountains, waterfalls…Can anyone see the sunrise in the morning today? Half of our answer is No. If I ask why? Most of their answer is we don’t have time. It’s really silly answer. Because for see a sunrise how long it will talk, just 2, 3 minutes. We didn’t do that. If you feel stress or bored in your life stop whatever things still you do and only go for a walk and enjoy the nature. It’s the best medicine. But what we do is go for a psychologist and spend money sometimes get some medicines.


Help to Others

Still this point onwards I will talk about how to care others. Now you are perfectly alright with you. Then only you have the ability to care others. When you help others you can make happy your child. Are you confuse again? I think no. Do you feel any situation like this? Yes, I felt it. Once I celebrated my birthday with an orphanage home children. That day I can feel the contentment of my mind. I feel I did a great work. That brings me a force to do such thing more and more. Everyone is special in this world. So we must share our specialty with others. It also a help to others. Giving money or things are not only help but also giving your time I mean sharing your feelings with others also a help to others. You don’t know that value until you faced that situation.


Human life is most precious. We must understand our value in this life. We want to add value to the name. Dr. Abdul Kalam, Sir. Isaq Newton, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela….. When you hear these names, you can identify them. But they are not our relatives or citizens. Think about your name. You must add pride to your name, so work through it. It’s not very hard, simply live your life what your mind told. Be happy yourself and spread that real happiness to your friends and others. Always have a smile on your face. Love yourself and make others love themselves. Colors will automatically come to your life. If you want to add more values to my heading send your suggestions in a comment.

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