Comeout From Social Media Addiction

Social media helps to transform the information, share feelings, provide career objectives, communication with worldwide and etc with computerized technology. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber, Whatsapp, Instagram are some of the Social media applications which give us advantages and disadvantages. By the By we use these moreover and addicted to this. You are facing more problems by using social media’s in the family too. You don’t care about your family and always with your phone. I am sure. You blamed by your family members because of your phone addiction. For an example, My mom said that to me what’s the hell on your phone? Can’t you be without that? Likewise, you also get blamed by your family member.So, I want to give some tips to control you from social media addiction.

01. Time Management for Social Media’s

If you are in the first stage of addiction. You can come out easily. I have a small solution. You can arrange a specific time for social media’s and don’t use social media’s in your working or studying time. Do it as your daily routine work for a month. Then, You are on the right track to use social media’s. Follow it for some days. If you can’t try other ways given by me.

02. Don’t Recharge Your Phone Socialmedia_Study_Phone

What will you do when you have enough data? You will use the social media’s more and more as your leisure time activity. Most of the social media users are students and workers. So They can’t concentrate on their studies and works. Hereby, students may lose to achieve their goal and workers may be punished for using the phone when they working.  There is a solution for you. Don’t recharge money to your phone, then you will not use it frequently. I want to tell my story for you guys. I am an addicted person to phone. So, I use the social media’s often and repeatedly checking what happening there. Thus, I am always suffered to study. I think about this and come up with a solution. I didn’t recharge my phone while exam period. Hereby, I fully concentrated on my studies and I got good results. This is my plan for coming out from social media addiction. This is really workable. Try it.

03. Uninstall social media Application Phone_Application_Uninstall

Nowadays, All of you have smartphones and using all the social media’s always when your phone is in your hand. So uninstall those applications for some days. Then you will get a relief from those media’s. My friend premisha said to me that she always addicted facebook and she comes out from facebook by uninstalling the application. not only premisha and also my so many friends said this as a solution. Why don’t you try her idea?

04. Concentrate on Interesting or Valuable Things

You can avoid using social media by reading storybooks, playing games, swimming, going out with friends and etc. You will feel new experiences and get more knowledge than before. So change your mood with valuable things. Try to do these as your hobby.

05. Use Normal Phones

Some of you fully addicted to social media’s and couldn’t come out from this. Finally, I give a solution. Don’t use smartphones or internet connected phones. Use the normal phone for a month then automatically you will get out from social media addiction.

I gave five major ways to come out from social media addiction. Are you using these tips? If you have more tips. Feel free to share with me in a comment. Try these tips and be a happy life with your family members, coworkers an also studying place.

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