Do Sports Make Students Love Their studies ?

Do you love to study or play? Try to answer yourself.I am pretty sure most of the answers are to play. Think about that Why we all are hate studies?In our country the education system gives pressure to the students. When we think about our school time we have full of examinations and classes only. Nowadays you can heard some suicide news after releasing the every public examinations. Do you think about the crucial thing behind these problems? The reason is our education system.

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Sports solve stress from studies

There’s a solution for this problem is sports. We want to guide them to at least do one sport for each students. Every students think they don’t have any life without passing the every exams. The fear of life is affecting every students in our country. In my point of view we want to teach our children about how to face the problems rather than the syllabus books. We want to make them maturity enough to life the life. But most of the parents and teachers guide only to pass exams not in life.

Students are in stress because of their continuous classes. A normal student in our country faces classes from morning 8 to evening 3. It’s an average but mostly it may high. After that also parents give pressure to study at home also. In a student life they didn’t enjoy their life. Every children hate studies because of the pressure. Sports is the best medicine for them. Parent must change your mindset. First think about your child. Let them play any games at least 3-4 hours in daily.


Encourage to practice

You can encourage them to go to practice in their interest sports in school or clubs. Most of the parents avoid to involve their children in sports. No matter if that child is best in any sports. Most of the students likes reject by parents. Most of the parent think sports spoil their children’s’ studies. It’s a fault concept. Sports gives more good things to your child. Sports always enhance your children’s mental and physical health. Sports can give healthy life, self-confident, sense of friendly, maturity, strong and mental fit.

Parents must know your children’s interest in sports. After identify the interest you must be support to their game may be they can become very high in that game also. If they don’t find interest on any game try to help to find their interests. As a parent it’s your duty. It’s very hard to change nowadays parent’s mindset. But at least next generation parents will try to change. Let our future generation will have a freedom education.

Love your studies

When you think about your school life, mostly your sweet memories collected from annual sports meet, so think about this? If you were a sport person you can collect full of sweet memories. If you feel fresh after every day practice, you can manage your day to day education well.  Parents must think and make decision. Don’t let your children give up their life. You must give them support not pressure to study. Without sport studies also can’t complete.Nowadays little children also have overweight, heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetics also.


So sports make your children healthy and active. If mentally and physically they fit enough then they can achieve anything. Think yourself and don’t make this critical situation to your children also. Rather than studies children have life, if you give pressure they may be get good results but they are failure in life. Dear parents think and act. The changes are in your hand.Let me give some ideas to make students love their studies? If you want to add more value to my blog, send me your valuable suggestion in the comment below.

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