Hidden Secrets Behind The Success of Thomas Alva Edison

All of us like to be a happy and successful person in this world. Success is getting what you want, but happiness is accepting what you get. In this world, most of the success is due to your personality & ability to communicate, negotiate & lead. Unexpectedly only a few is due to technical knowledge. Therefore don’t be hesitate to start a work by thinking about your knowledge in it, first start it and then make it continue because everything is possible when you practice it frequently.

A success story will give you the message only but through a failure story, you can find a path to success. So if failures chasing you continuously trust me you are on the way to success. Don’t think about how to get success, think that how did you fail in the past definitely you will win. If there is no failure it means that you didn’t take any steps to reach your goals and there is no value for the victory as well. I’m not telling you that you have to fail if you had failed don’t let it break your confidence. Failures are the challenges for our confidence. So fight against the barriers to reach your destination. Victory does not come by chance it’s a made-up of your effort. So don’t run by searching the victory, have trust on you work hard victory will follow you.


Success is not a key to happiness but happiness is the main key for success. If you love what you are doing you will put your full effort on it you will be resulted with success. It’s true that every effort does not converted into success but also true that success does not come without effort. Therefore work hard to achieve your goal.  Don’t take rest after your first victory because it will fail in your second time, Most of the lips are waiting for saying that “your first victory was just luck”. To be a successful person just follow this “Never let failure into your heart and never let success into your mind”. If you do your work with dedication definitely you will win but don’t expect it immediately.


Success never reached by a person who is afraid of failures. Tolerance and perseverance are the key facts of success. Efforts will fail but don’t fail to take an effort. Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s dream even you fall don’t fall as a leave fall as a seed. A woman will be a mother only when she fights against the pain, a seed will be a tree when its fight against the soil likewise you will be a history only if you fight against the challenges.


There is a beautiful message from the famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison’s life. One day Edison brought a letter from his teacher and gave it to his mom. She read that letter in front of him. In that they have told that they were surprised of your son’s intelligence and they don’t have enough qualified teachers to teach him. Therefore it’s better to teach your son by yourself. His mother was a teacher, she tough him by herself. After many years one day he found that letter which was given by his teacher to his mom. He found following lines on that letter “Don’t send your disabled son to our school”. He finished reading with tears and wrote a note on his diary as “Disabled son Thomas Alva Edison became a great inventor by his mother”. So keep confidence and do your best, life treat you with the best.


What most of us doing is comparing ourselves with others and keep regretting us. Just remember that all the people in this world are not same therefore don’t compare yourself with others because you are a unique person. So be relaxed and do your works with your full intention victory will follow you. I hope that these tips will help you to change your tomorrow. Try this from today and share your experiences with me through your valuable comments.

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