See How Janitors By Hard Themselves To Make You Comfortable!!

Day to day we are facing various difficulties. In such way cleanliness, maintenance, waste management, housekeeping, and sewerage system maintenance are the common problems we used to face everyday. The ones who are engaged in those activities are Janitors. Mostly janitorial workers are hired in workplace to maintain the facility. There are providers of commercial cleaning services for companies and organizations. Janitors by hard themselves to make us comfortable.
Do you see janitorial workers as how you see others? Do you treat them as the way you treat others? There are still some people differentiate people with what they do without giving equal respect. All are humans so let’s give them equal respect and rights as they perform their work themselves like how we do our works. Whatever the organization they are keen to maximize the revenue, profit and reputation. If you refer the financial statements of any company you can notice that operation and maintenance costs are major. They always try to reduce that cost in such way beyond the operation and maintenance manager janitors are the ones helping to perform this task with the aim of providing a comfortable workplace. Can you work in a dirty environment? Of course not. Every one of us is looking to work in a well maintained facility. When you go to work in the morning if the workplace is untidy the entire day will be messed up, which is why your employer will get the support of an office janitorial service. Based on the maintenance schedule if the janitors work properly, then only you can work happily.
The tasks may be varying based on the facility. The common tasks are sweeping the compound, sweeping and mopping the floors, glass cutting, cleaning windows, cleaning the washrooms, collecting wastes, garden maintenance, parking maintenance, replacing hand tissues, cleaning the catering place and pantry areas, vacuuming the place, wiping some system components, refilling chemical etc. The schedules of these activities are categorized as daily, weekly, monthly and special maintenance tasks. The ones who are responsible to look after Janitors are Supervisors. Based on the checklist every day the tasks are checked. Janitorial workers are not low level people. They might be less in professional knowledge, but if they refuse to do their work then the entire work will be disturbed. If you consider the current scenarios in each department mostly the janitorial workers are old people. Young people are resist to do these type works because of the societal image problems. In this old age how responsible they are. So learn to respect them. Did you ever notice when they return to home after work? Janitors seem with happy smile when they return home. They also have families where their children are in higher position or may be the future leaders. They work truly and do the work which we refuse to do. Always keep in mind they might work for salary or wages but they are keeping you and your place clean and tidy. If you are a worker in any organization say good morning to them in the morning and their reply will seriously make you happy. If you respect them only your children will learn to respect. The children of janitorial workers must be proud enough to say that his or her mother or father is a Janitor. It will impact in future for the lack of janitorial workers as the young people resist doing this type of work.
What should be provided to them? Workplace people will always notice the soft services like housekeeping and maintenance. Whenever the work is not up to standard they used to scold people. It is acceptable to scold but learn to scold with proper words rather treating them as low level people. Learn to appreciate the work so they will be self motivated to cope up with the work. Providing proper tools and equipments, accommodation to stay and keep things, medical checkup and personal protective equipments (PPE) to comply with health and safety requirements is very important. This article is to reflect the real situation of current society and people’s behavior on janitors. I assure the readers will change the mind towards them. Equal rights and respect should be given to them by all generations where their children should be brave enough and proudly say my father or mother is a JANITOR.
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