How Do Girls Recover After Breakup?

Love is a wonderful feeling where two souls confluence together without any expectation. It doesn’t look for race, language, religion, caste, age, appearance etc. When we look at current scenarios it is a bitter truth everyone should accept after fall in love couples are going to dream world and they forget who they are and in which place they are.


There are two types of boys and girls. They are soft and talkative. Some are born with siblings and some are an only child. It’s a God’s magic that mostly mixture of these characters is fall in love. For example a soft boy and a talkative girl. Whoever falls in double sided love having some expectations in common in their relationship like love and support, romance, future goals like career, job, wedding plans, outing, and priority and so on… Love is maintained not for a longer period of time as expected in some relationship. Then comes the worst part of love start to begin. They start to realize things around them by time changes and maturity with age. Love starts to appear like emotional torture and they start to miss their freedom, friends, small self-oriented wishes. Some do dislike things just for their partner’s happiness. When they do it continuously they get bored and stressed. Some of the reasons for a girl to break up the relationship and to come out of that pain quickly are as follows;

  • A shortage of love like before:

Boys always loiter around girls before falling in love until she accepts. After that, they don’t care what his girl is expecting. Once she accepted she starts to love more than boys. She gives priority to their boy nothing like anything except family (even some girls treat boys above than her family). After girl accepted, in most of the boys believe that she is my girl. Whatever happens, she will be mine but they don’t consider girls get mad on small things for love. A small change in her boy hurts a lot to her as she expects small things which her boy can do. After a certain time, she tries to make it a habit of accepting boy’s character become a reason for a breakup.

  • Expectation failure:

Girls lose their friends for their boy after love. But they start to miss their gang and funs, the way they were been before. Some friends try to avoid girls who are fall in love. So she gets mad for missing her friends for the boy she loves. Some boys put controls and restrictions for dressing and appearance, which friend should hang out with her, try to avoid trips, hate the way she talks with other boys and so on. Later these expectations become a reason for the breakup.


  • Family background:

Couples may be oriented with different caste and religion (major considerable difference). When a family of girl gets to know her relationship if they don’t like parents scold her, hit her, mentally they feel bad about her children, and some parents threaten her. When she doesn’t want to interfere with her love anymore without parents support she looks to avoid him.

  • Distance

People need to move to the different area or district or country for any purpose. But long-term movement creates a big emotional breakup for couples. When a boy moves to another place she worries much about the distance and she misses the old way they have been together. When the girl moves to other place vise versa happens. But mostly in relationship boys don’t accept the fact that girls suffer more for her boy than them rather think she is enjoying him.

  • Drugs and Alcohol

Boys prefer smoking and drinking alcohol to console themselves after break up. Boys have very supportive friends compared to girls’ friends. So after a breakup, they try to manage rest days with alcohol or smoking or with friends. But girls don’t have such related choices and they suffer more. They cry over and over throughout the nights and other time to shape and overcome out of emotional, mental as well as physical stress. They are bit emotional than boys and they suffer quickly. But boys realize it later and suffer more. Within this period girls come out of the pressure leads to change her state of mind.

  • Words They Use

After a certain time period of the relationship, boys don’t value the girls’ expectations whether it is small or big. When he is disappointed he used to scold her. But the impact of forceful words they don’t realize. But it’s also a reason for girls to take a decision about ending the relationship.

  • Future

When she feels she doesn’t want to continue the relationship for any reason she is keen on future. To look after their family, to become a successful professional or entrepreneur, to be the role model, to be a good girl for her parents and siblings and undoubtedly for the boy’s goodness she sacrifices her senses, emotions, feelings, and love.


There’s a common opinion among boys that girl’s change their mind time to time simply like chameleons. This is why a girl changes herself quickly after a breakup. Even you will have a mother, sister, wife or daughter boys think of girls from girl’s side and see the goodness. There are plenty of reasons for break up as mentioned above. It is up to them whether to recover from that pain or being mad for a long time. If there is a perfect mutual understanding, your relationship will lead an endless happiness.

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