I went to Northern Central Hospital (Private Hospital) for my father’s treatment. I thought that when I was there. Why most of the people arrive Private hospitals? Free charge of medicine is available in the Government hospital. Nevertheless, People arrives private hospital. Why is that? I asked some people and also my experience that is what I want to share with you.

  1. Rules of the Government hospital

Government Hospitals have some rules for the patients, visitors, and bystanders. Government Hospitals allows bystander in the same gender. Nowadays, Most of our families don’t have members to stay with the patient who admitted to the hospital. What to do? Patient’s family have to arrange a person or have to pay an amount of money for the bystander to stay with the patient. But, their family fear about the bystander how he/she look out the patient. That’s why people like to go to a private hospital. Anyone can stay as a bystander for the patient in private hospital.

 Government hospital allows particular time for the visitors to visit the patients. They have to visit at that time. Otherwise, they can’t visit the patient. But, Visitors can visit at any time in the Private hospital. That’s why; most of the people like to go to the private hospital.


  1. Facilities of the hospital

Government hospital provides a dorm with so many patients in the ward. That is uncomfortable for the patient. They have to use the common washroom and bathroom. But, the private hospital provides a room with a washroom. That is easy and comfortable for them for much more them. Nurses lookout the patients frequently and updating patient’s condition. So, People attracted by these facilities. So, People aspire for Private Hospital.


  1. Waiting Time

We don’t have enough time to do our own works in the modern world. We always use ‘busy’ as our coronal sentence. So, we use some application for pre-booking or through phone calls. But, Government hospitals don’t provide these facilities. They have to wait for a long to consult a doctor in the hospital. Patients hesitate this waiting time. So, They Pre-book a doctor in the private hospital.

  1. Preference of doctor

We can’t prefer a doctor in the Government Hospital. We treat by the one who is doing duty on that day. But, we can choose our favorable doctor in the private hospital with pre-booking service.

These are some of the reasons for select the Private Hospital instead of Government Hospital. Make the patients comfortable by providing best service. Guys!!! What about you? Do you prefer Private hospital? Why do you prefer? Share your own experience with me about Private and Government Hospitals.

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  1. Thanujan Tharumarajah March 20, 2018 Subscriber

    1. Services became businesses and those businesses are ruined by the politics.
    2. Always money is being ultimate, money will decide who can survive & who will die.
    3. Still in some countries Govt. Hospital standards are much better than Sri Lankan private hospitals.
    So, what is wrong in our system..

    //Rules of the Government hospital//
    Without any rules, they can’t manage the massive crowd. Private hospitals also have rules, which is favourable but have to pay additionally for the each facilities they offer. How can a ordinary people afford for that. It will end up in the point(2).

    //Facilities of the hospital//
    Yeah, govt. hospitals are lacking in facilities. But most of them have adequate facilities to serve all the people equally. Still private hospitals send their patients to govt hospitals for some major operations.

    //Waiting Time – we use some application for pre-booking or through phone calls//
    It will discriminate the people based on their economy & knowledge in technology, if we apply in govt hospitals as their target is to serve the people equally..

    //Preference of doctor//
    It will be the luxury preference. In front of live and preference, I prefer live.

    At first, I strongly disagree with the title of the article. It forces the people to prefer Private Hospitals. And in my personal view it seems the article is promoting pvt hospitals by mentioning the drawbacks of govt hospitals.

    I mentioned above why the govt hospitals facing some issues, still can be overcome by a proper management. It will take long, as we have to change the entire system of SL.

    In future articles, expecting the reasons for the above drawbacks and how can we overcome those issues to “severe the people equally, without any kind of discrimination”.

    Younger generation should be in action to build up the nation..

    I’m a fan of your articles.. my point of view is differ in this topic.. Keep writing..

    • Thenuka Yogarajah March 20, 2018 Author

      Thankyou so mucg for tour valuable comment.
      You are correct in your view. But what’s the sosolution for these problem u mentioned all the drawbacks reasons. Why don’t you mention bystander problem?

  2. kanagarathnam mauran March 27, 2018 Subscriber

    People prefer private hospitals because the main reason is facilities.. government hospitals don’t have like facilities and they are delay on giving responces to patients.. government have to consider on this.. there are lots of poor people… write more:.

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