Personality vs Attitude: Hacks to improve them

Who are you, indeed? Ever asked this question to yourself?  Often personality and attitude are confused. This is where the real big deal begins.
What is Personality?
one world. Different personalities
Personality defines what kind of thoughts, qualities, emotions you possess. This is where people are easily able to judge you in person.
What is Attitude?
attitude matters everything
Attitude is where a person behaves at a certain situation. One’s attitude differs in different places with different people. Attitude depends down to choice, you can either choose to have a good one or a bad one depending on your surrounding. Your personality and attitude have one thing in common ” Postive thinking.”  With the same mind, I have summed up some common ways you could use to improve both your attitude and personality.
Be aware when you throw out words:
your words matter
Often you might have a different opinion compared to that of the opposite person you are talking to. In a matter, it doesn’t mean that only you are right and the opposite person is wrong. Try to accept their views. People will respect you if you try to understand them instead of poking your views into them, even if they are wrong.
Your body language:
body language matters
People easily judge you through your body language. Body language is the biggest aspect people would use to judge you. While talking to a person, look them straight into their eyes by giving a pleasant smile when communicating. This show your level of confidence. Never look down at a person’s feet while talking, this could create a bad impression on your personality. Stand straight and give a firm handshake. A smile literally doesn’t cost anything.
Be the better listener:
Be A Good Listener
be a good listener. Instead of offending
It is important to look into a person’s eyes and hang onto every word they say and make them feel so important, this is really an important factor that determines both your personality and attitude. Try improving this as this will automatically bring a positive change in both your attitude and personality. There is nothing more attractive than having someone to listen to you intentionally making you feel the best person in the world.
Stop comparing yourself with others and don’t let others do the same:
Stop Comparing Yourself, Message On The Card Shown By A Man
stop comparing yourself
Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, ambivert, fat or too thin, you are your own unique version. The moment you stop thinking yourself of being less is the moment you become that independent person. No one in the world is alike, every individual has something unique to deliver. Whereas comparing yourself to others and letting others do the same with you is like putting yourself into the dark side. There is always enough space to add in everything you possess. All you need is the change!
Say, ”Please” and ”Thank You”:
Thank You
Say please and thank you
Being polite with everyone you meet is not quite a big deal from a janitor to a CEO. It really matters to please and thank everyone. It costs zero! Often we take these words simple. Because what you give gets back to you in return. Do this and you will feel the difference in no time.
Be total fun:
be that funny confident person
Everybody loves a sense of humour in others. People enjoy the company of someone who makes them laugh until they get tears from the eyes. If you are that person, who can enlighten a person’s life, others will naturally be attracted to you.
If you are worried about something, you are not living in the present because you are thinking about what would happen in future. Stress, depression, and anxiety are all the basic signs showing that you are not living in the present. When you have too much to think about, this would even end up in health issues later on. Nobody can change one’s personality but one can definitely improve his personality. We, humans, empower the ability to sharpen our personality and attitude. When we put the effort to be all that we want to be, we contribute to our own happiness.
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