Passion never dies! Oh really?

What is a Passion?

Passion is a desire of fondness over a certain goal. It simply starts as feeling as if falling from the highest waterfall in the world. When you are into your passion,  nothing will stop you from doing it. This is what it has been said for ages.

What if I tell you that sometimes your passion gets bored?  Well, it depends on your mindset. If you are that person who has found what your passion is, then there are no issues, if not then that should be a real trouble to consider. Looking back at your failures is really important though, it will break your heart as the toughest times in life, will teach us the best.  Keep your brain fresh and focused by learning new.

According to Psychology Today, Professor Robert J. Vallerand in 2008 made a presentation on Passion. He explained two different passion,

  • Harmonious passion: When people are into doing activities they love tends to get controllable and manageable in handy.
  • Obsession passion: This is where people have an uncontrollable urge towards a certain activity, however where the outcome becomes a disaster.

Being Passionate Of What You Do

Most common questions asked about passion.

When students commonly asked Mr. Robert J. Vallerand. Where presentation on Passion? His answer was for them to look back into their childhood and to identify what brought them more joy back then. His next suggestion was to write an essay what they would rather do instead of their particular interest.

1) How do I know what I’m good at?
  • Be open minded
  • Think about subjects you love talking about.
  • Discover your personality
  • Write down your interests
  • The best way is to ask people whom you trust, like and respect to tell you what you are good at.
2) What are the most common passions?
  • Helping others to find their passion
  • Being true to yourself
  • Start with the right perspective
  • Being self-conscious and confident about your own judgment
  • Having an adventure, learning new.
3) Why is it important to have passion in one’s life?

Passion lets you keep learning and work towards becoming a masterpiece. It can give you reasons to travel, experience and key to your own happiness. It also can help you to create bonding’s with the society and to learn the common things in life.

Your Passion doesn’t die, sometimes all you feel is bored!

Passion In Certain Career
passion in certain career

Passion doesn’t fade away! At times, it is not your passion that just dies, but day to day routine that keeps you bored and burning you out of motivation.

Nevertheless, you are in charge of yourself. It’s your responsibility to stoke the fire on your own passion that comes from you. It is for sure not an external source that can be gained.

Always be flexible about the decisions you make without relying on other people, once you are clear about the decisions you have made a go for your passion with that stable mind.

If your first approach doesn’t work, go for your second, if this doesn’t work search for new methods that can be implemented. Don’t let your passion die while being stuck on approaches that didn’t work out that well for you.

One thing to be certainly clear is that passion is not about changing often, but to stay fixed!

Start looking for what your passion is. Don’t let your brain take over and wonder. Start living with a flow!

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