How to Make Friends?

How many friends do you have?In your friend list, how many of them are true friends? Just think about it and find answer yourself. Always we worry about our friends. Someone worry that they don’t have friends and some of the problems from friends. In this dynamic world, we meet many people, but most of the people don’t have more friends. If you think about how to make friends? Are you thinking now? Funny. But we must have friends because everyone in the world can’t be alone or everything can’t make my money or something whatever we have. First, we want to understand every human being is different so we can’t expect same characters as our friends.

Have a Smile

First step is always have smile in your face. Can you see the difference between smiling face and normal face of yours in mirror? Which one is looking nice? Sure the smiling face is the nicest than other. Everyone like nice persons. So keep a smile whoever you see give a smile always. When we go in the same place we can met many people daily but some faces are often you can see. Now think about these often smiling faces may become friends to you.

Give Freedom to Them

You don’t want to share all the things with friends until you get full trust from them you can make a small limitations. But simple things you can share with them. Most of the people don’t know these Technic. They suddenly make friendship and told all the secrets and then suddenly leave or fight with them. It’s not good. First step by step moving is make your bond perfectly. If you can’t feel safe from them you can always maintain limitation with their friendship. No need to leave them. Also don’t interfere their secrets also. If that friend isn’t willing to say something to you don’t force them. Let give them freedom.

Friends Looking At Smart Phone While Sitting In Cafe
Help Without any Expectations

You don’t expect too much from your friend until you make fully believe. Always help to your friend without any expectations. Sometimes most of are argue with me in this point. But think about your friends, both of your most fights come with the problem of expectations only. Always make your friend feel safe while be with you.

Find Time for Them

Spend time with them. You don’t want to allocate time separately for them, at least in your free time ask to join with you. You can make trips while both of you have free times. Most of the people don’t make outings with friends after they have a family. Try to find some time to your friends also.


In this life, we don’t want to show anger or don’t hate others.  Life is not stable. We don’t know next second can we live or not so love all.  You forget all the bad things and give an excuse to your friends. We can easily make friends but maintain them is the harder thing. But we understand the reality of our modern life, it’s also very easy. This is the basic steps to find friends in your life. After finding you can select your next level friends. We must make people around us. It also gives you a big achievement. Sometimes you think it’s better to live with your family but once you feel the real happiness of making friends after that you can’t think like this. Let me know how many of you enjoy this blog If you like to add more values to my blog send your suggestions to the comments below.

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