Efficient Ideas To Protect Your Computers With Intel TDT

Everyone knows about Intel. The Global chip maker now upgraded hardware based build-in Threat Detection Technologies (TDT) and Security Essentials to protect Computers from Hardware level.

Nowadays scanning technologies can detect cybersecurity breaches and exploits. But the amount of power consumption and performance reduction due to the usage of CPU is high. Sometimes the scanning results in false positive for threats. To cut off these deficiencies vendor introduces Accelerated Memory Scanning and Advance Platform Telemetry


Intel Accelerated Memory Scanning

Introduces this to reduce CPU utilization while threat detection. Now the malware scanning is handled by Intel integrated graphics processors (GPUs). It enables more scanning without affecting the performance of the CPU and also reduces the power consumption. Earlier Test result reports CPU utilization for malware scanning has dropped from 20% to 2% by the new Accelerated Memory Scanning. It is a huge increase in efficiency.

Intel Advance Platform Telemetry

Another upgrade they have brought is Advance Platform Telemetry Intel performs Cloud base machine learning and some end-point data collection to prevent users from false positives of threat. Microsoft and Cisco agreed to include the TDT with them. This threat detection technology will available for 6th, 7th and 8th generation Intel processors. Microsoft adding both this to its Windows Defenders’ ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) by this month end.

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Another solution Intel introduces is Intel Security Essential. It is better to Implement hardware base security compared to software level. But there are many complexities in implementing discrete hardware security components. But Intel’s system-on-chip offers new effective and efficient way for hardware level security. With plenty of tools and techs to increase Hardware-level security for processors. These core capabilities are available across Intel processor lines. They assist security professionals to protect the platform and the data and to build trusted applications in a consistent way.

They rushed this upgrade because of the serious trouble it faced earlier this year. We all know that Meltdown and Spectre badly affected Intel chips. Hardware-level security provides strong authentication and cryptographic processing. So make sure to secure yourself from the hardware level.

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