Wanna Enjoy A Trip To Delft Island With Low Or High Cost?

I know that you all know about the places and traveling tips to the Delft Island. But, you don’t know enough Knowledge to get your food and accommodation in there. Some of you may plan for one day trip and some of you may plan for camping in there. I am sure who plan a trip to Delft is mostly the first time travelers to the Delft Island. I have some tips for you to enjoy your trip like our well-planned trip.


How to enjoy your trip with your small budget in Delft Island?

Most of us don’t have enough money to spend more money for a trip. So plan your cost from the boat traveling. Try to catch Navy boats and government boats for boating. Yes! That boat fee is free. Get your boat at 8 am from Kurikadduwan. Then, you have to arrange a vehicle there about 2800/=, About 10 members can travel in a Vehicle. Gather your 10 friends for the trip then per head for the traveling charge will reduce as much.


Get your lunch at home, not from the hotels. There is some house-made vegetable lunch is available for 150rs per head. Yes! It’s very tasty. I ate 3 plates for just 150rs. You can get the mutton curry from the same house for 175/= to 750g. You can ask the vehicle driver to order the food from House. I am sure. He will help you to get your lunch.  There is no drinking water available. You have to buy from the shops. So, bring water bottles from your house. No need to carry those with you. Just you can put those bottles in your vehicle. Don’t worry about carrying bottles. Buy pulukodiyal as your snack and hang some eachchampalam as your dessert.


Do you plan on camping there? There are some houses available for rent at fewer prices. So, you can book those houses for your camping. You can cook your own food for your needs. Try to enjoy your trip with a small budget.

Did you plan for a big budget?

Do you plan for a big budget? You can choose your favorite time boat and you have to pay for the boating. You can hire a vehicle or auto with some of your group of people. There is a hotel named as Delft Samudra.

Delft Samudra Hotel


This hotel provides all facilities to stay here. You can get your foods. You have to pay 8027/- for your accommodation per a day. This hotel’s architecture is amazing. Yes! I visited this hotel but I didn’t get any foods from here.  But, my one of the friend said that hotel foods and their caring were amazing. If you have enough money to spend, then visit Delft Samudra Hotel.


We forgot to bring dresses to get a bath in the sea. The really fadup moment for us. So, don’t forget to bring your suits with you. Keep enjoying there. Are you agreeing with my plan? Do you want to plan like us? Let’s pack your bags to Delft Island, Did you spend more money than us without a good plan? Share your thoughts with me.

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