Hackathons and Its Importance in Sri Lanka

Nowadays most of the people are in working and studying in IT-based fields such as software engineering,  ICT, IT management etc. If you are IT related person you must at least heard the word hackathon. But most of us are properly know the actual details of the hackathon. It’s a collaborative work with the computer programmers, software developers, graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and other subject relative experts to create an innovative software project. In our country, most of the hackathon participants are IT students who are undergraduates and secondary school students.


In our country hackathon is the most important within the students to give a real-time application practice for what they learn in theoretically. It’s a great opportunity and all of the relative students must try to participate this event. The goal of the hackathon is to create innovative and usable software. Hackathons tend to have a specific focus, which can include the programming languages, operating system, an application, an API, and the demographic group of programmers.


Hackathons are very energetic and there are many free to the participants. Once you go a hackathon you can feel that specific features. A hackathon lasts from some hours to some days also. Especially for the participants ‘eating is often informal, they can be provided with some short eats and energy drinks often. Sometimes you can sleep on the site with sleeping bags. Sounds good. Right?


More than this in hackathon there are some teams that formed based on their individual interests. They deliver some ideas. The end of the hackathon there’s demonstrations about each of team’s ideas and their working software or a prototype. Mainly the presentation that delivers from each team is the importance. Throughout the hackathon every team must work hard and also they can have some fun activities. Most of the post about their ideas on social media. You also have the experience to post about your team or some of your friends post also you can see.


More than the working stress you can enjoy that team works, and it’s a good opportunity to meet many peoples. You can make your network with IT industry people. In Sri Lanka, there are many hackathons throughout the year such as hacks, YouthHack Sri Lanka, Hacktitude, TADHack Sri Lanka, HackaDev, HackLN etc.…There is an official website for the hackathons in Sri Lanka. You can make alerts to the mobiles also.


Every student must participate these hackathons and give your ideas, make a collaborative wide network. It’s the best platform for fresher. You must use these opportunities. It’s also very helpful after finishing your studies to search a job. So we must use these opportunities to make an experience and knowledge. If you like to add more value to my blog send your valuable comments below.

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