Are You Gonna Fall in Love?

True Love is the beautiful thing which avoids our loneliness. We fall in love with we can’t have. Right!!!!. Most of us got fed up with our love failures. Why has it happened for us? Think deeply. We don’t have enough knowledge to save our relationship with our loved one. I asked some peoples about their love failures. They answered some of them to me. I wanna share with you guys for your love has to everlast until your breath. Freshers!!! you will get the better knowledge after reading this reasons for their love failures.

01. No mutual Understanding

My friend started to love each other but after some days they had some contradictory concepts between them. They didn’t understand anything with each other and suddenly come up to breakup. After the breakup they missed each other but they are not ready to talk each other. That is also a biggest problem between them. So you have to think that your relationship will give harmony between you both before you fall in love. Be clear about this first.

02. Fake Love

Someone may love you for your wealth or sex. Your Opposite gender will not show that directly but you can identify those things by their some actions. They may be used you for their wealth and sex need. Specially teenagers have an awareness about this. My friend is very rich and she told that, she loved in her teenage and her boyfriend be with her as lust mode and always he asking for money from her. Then she realized that he was the one fake and not matches for her. Then, She breakups with him. Girls also will propose a wealthy boy to live a rich life without true love. So you have to check that your partner expecting only love from you or the intention of them.

03. Caste Problem

Some of your family may accept your partner with any caste but in some family see the caste as the biggest problem so before accepting your love you have to think that, If your family will accept him/her for you. I saw so many lovebirds burst by this caste. So be clear about your family conditions. Then decide!!!

04. Status Problem

You are literate and in a good job but your spouse is illiterate. After some days, you will feel disgusting with them. Some contradictory talks also come between you. Both of your passions are different. My one of the aunt’s love also got breakup for this reason. Sometimes your family also don’t accept him/her of the status. Think about future in imagination and decide it. This is your life no??

05. Uncertainty of the partner

Your partner may have some doubts of you. I wanna tell a story about my best friend story. She loved a boy who is very good in character but always doubts her when She talks with boys. That becomes a major problem with them and then She has realized and give some advice to him after that he realized, She is the pearl of him. If she don’t give the proper explanation, her love also become to an end. So Please don’t get doubt on him/her. Trust your partner first but not blindly.

06. Determine the future partner in teenage

Teenage is not an appropriate age for choose the life partner. That is just attraction among them. That is not real love. Maybe that’s also love in first sight. I don’t believe love in first sight. Mostly, That teenage love is not end up with marriage so avoid loving in teenage and also this love interrupt your studies then It will spoil your life.

7. Egoism

Don’t give self-importance in love and try to respect your partner’s wish. My one of the friend’s love got breakup because of a word “Sorry”.  They fought for a small problem and her partner asked to tell a sorry but she didn’t say that word because of ego. So their relationship became to an end. So give and take your respect from your partner. Ignore your ego at least with your partner.

08. Mind wanders to another person

Anyone can wander us but the one can take the prominent and permanent place in our heart. Sometimes you wander to another person who proposed you because of your lability.

09. Love two persons at the same time

Some of the boys or girls love two persons at the same time. I heard that story from a boy who told that her girlfriend talked with him and also she had an affair with another boy. He knows that and he didn’t believe that of his girl. By and by, she avoids him after that he realized that she has affair with another boy. So, First do a depth research about your partner before accepting his/her love.

10. Time Pass

Some of our people love for their time pass as chatting, spending time with her without no intention of marriage. First, ask about his/her marriage plans and future goals with you and make sure about this and then fall in to love with him/her.


I am sure, If you did a good research for selecting your partner in these ways then your love never become to the end until your last breath. It may be continued after your death also. Find the best partner for you and be a cute and great couple. At the last, I’ll say you one thing only trust the pure love.

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