Hacks: Becoming a Millionaire

  • Jermaine Griggs
  • Juliette Brindak
  • Catherine Cook
  • Sean Belnick
Wondering who these people are? Well, what if I added the names Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg to the exact same list? You would get an idea of what I’m talking about.  The above below individuals are the people who have become millionaires before age 30.
Jeffbezos Presenting
founder of amazon: jeff bezos

  • Jeff Bezos: Amazon.com
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook
  • Jermaine Griggs: Hear and Play Music Group
  • Juliette Brindak: Miss O and Friends
  • Catherine Cook: My Yearbook
  • Sean Belnick: BizChair
interests: the basement of passion

These people, they all share one thing in common ‘’ Passion’’. All these young millionaires started a business back then in high school having that entrepreneurial spirit in them. And I’m so very sure that definitely, luck must have been a part as well.

Ever been wondering of becoming a millionaire? Have you ever thought of becoming one but at the same time had that mindset of thinking it is not possible?

Basically, nothing is possible unless until you put that effort of yours into that interest that you are willing to do! If you think that becoming a millionaire is all about owning a lavish house, fancy cars and a hype lifestyle this is where you tend to fall into the trap of being wrong.

Before everything heads up, you need to understand that a million bucks are not what it is used to be actually, this is not the matter actually. If you are a real genius instead of wasting your money over buying luxurious things you would invest it into something beneficial rather than making your hands dirty.

Down below are 5 top ways to become a millionaire before age 30.

Work Online
start kicking off

Work online:
  • Write 5 blogs per day each costing from 3000 LKR -5000 LKR (depends on your blogs worth).
  • Help small businesses on working for their services.
  • Look out for the list of online side hustles to build more income.
Work Ofline
work with interest

Work Offline:
  • Start driving vehicle for hires as per your preferred amount to be paid every day.
  • Get a job after school, doesn’t matter what kind of a job you are into, earn at least 600 LKR per day
  • Provide technology and home services for your family and at least earn another 1000 LKR

The best thing you could do in short is that, get an after-school job where you could make at least 500 LKR per day and then go home and write 5 stunning valuable articles that you can sell off. It would even be better if you could get a job where you could write articles while getting paid.

save as it will help you later on

Save and Invest

Anyone can become a millionaire if they save more than they spend and invest it in the very right way. How much you save depends on how much you earn, right? The biggest threat that keep people away from becoming a millionaire is that people increase their lifestyle when their overall income goes high.

When your income goes high the first thing you should do is start saving a certain amount and invest it on your growth. Spend it in the right matured way.

knowledge is the richest world a person can ever hold onto

Maintaining a thirst of knowledge.

The learning pattern for a successful business entrepreneur has been shown in recent research that formal schooling has created more of the successful business intellectuals in time. Since people who finished schooling tend to focus more on time, scheduling and building new relationships with new expertise.

become an expert in your career

Become expertise:

The first step of becoming a millionaire is to be a hard worker, doesn’t matter which job you are into the first thing is to work hard. In present many millionaires around the world are millionaires because of their hard work and their interest in finding ways to earn money. Earning a degree in your specialized field is important but what is more important is keep on learning new things each and every day. When you look into the lives of millionaires, they are the ones who make commitment’s on saving and earning even more.

Moreover, It’s you!

The absolute truth is, the only one who can decide what to do is you, YOU ALONE! Since you belong to the young aged millenniums instead of saving and becoming a millionaire you would rather spend it on travelling and fun. That is fine. But if you do want to be a millionaire this young then it is you who has to change the mindset.

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