How to Become Smart?

You have heard much about the word ‘Smart’. Perhaps you might be searching for it on the internet. Being smart is not that much hard but at the same time, it’s not that much easy. Do you think I’m confusing you? No. It’s easy if your endeavor increases otherwise it’s hard. Now I think you’ll understand. You have often come across an opportunity in your life to see someone and feel that he/she is very smart. You may have thought about how to become smart.

The most of the people think that the smartness is inherited and can’t change it but it’s wrong. Smartness depends on how we approach situations and the things we do to feed our brains can significantly improve our smartness. Here I would like to share some points that will help to become smart.

  1. Be smarter about your online time?

Most of us what we do when we are in online? Chat with our friend’s group or something gossips, just scroll down the Facebook pages and hit reactions buttons, or else searching about cinema news or something hot pictures am I right? Ya almost people are doing this kind of silly things where they were in online.

From today allocate time for something you want to learn to become smarter. The web is also full of great learning resources, such as online courses, intriguing TED talks, and vocabulary-building tools. Search for latest news and trends in technologies. Read more articles and search more and more when you see new words that you don’t know. I can suggest some web directories that can guide you to online courses and something new such as

  1. Write down what you learn.

Research says Writing is the best memory recalling exercise. It doesn’t have to be pretty or long, but taking a few minutes each day to reflect in writing about what you learned is sure to boost your brainpower. It also helps to another person to get a simple understanding of the topic.

  1. Make a ‘did’ list.

It’s important whether the planned things have happened or not. So every day you make a planning list also the end of the day you want to tick for the planned items. Did list is the guide to know where you are at the end of the month or year. So it’s important to keep did list.

  1. Get out the Scrabble board.

We all are familiar with board games in our childhood. Board games and puzzles aren’t just fun but also a great way to work out your brain. Play games (Scrabble, bridge, chess, Go, Battleship, Connect 4). Board games give a boost to our brains rather than the video games or other online games. Here also you can use what first I mention, search whether you don’t know the names! Start to be smart from this blog.

  1. Have smart friends.

Some people may oppose this idea but almost experienced people accepted this one. Hanging out with folks who are cleverer than you is one of the fastest ways to learn. Can you say the last topic that you search on the internet? And the last topic that you argue with your friends?

 Most of are well remember the second question’s answer that first. Making smart friends in nowadays isn’t a big deal just search on social media and view their profile and all after that you can simply make a smart partner. Be sure both of you want to chat on different topics at least once a week.

  1. Read a lot.

This is the most common thing that all are suggesting. Nowadays there are many reading materials rather than books such as e-books, websites and etc. A book in a month is my opinion. You have to read something fully for the best knowledge.

  1. Explain it to others.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

-Albert Einstein

When you explain something to others there are many benefits.This is also one technique of recalling and memorize well.Another time you can confidently talk about this topic.Sometimes you also can understand deeply.

  1. Do random new things.

We can’t decide our future well. Sometime I learn software engineering now maybe I will have an interest in fashion designing and will become a fashion designer. We don’t sure about what will happen tomorrow. So if you have a chance you can use it and learn many things it will help you in your future.

  1. Learn a new language.

You want to learn many languages. Nower days world become in a fingertip so when we fluent in multi-language it will help to us in our career side. For an example, a Japanese come to your place that time if you know the Japanese language that time you become the smartest person in your area. You can search for educational centers that are provided the multi-language knowledge you can search in our website for the best places for educations.

  1. Take some downtime.

Downtime means giving yourself space for your brain to process what it’s learned in silence day. Everything wants a relaxing time for their effective work likewise we also have some downtime in our schedules. For example, when we schedule the timetable in a month you can work 25 days and rest of the days take some rest.

Finally, I hope that this will be a good guide for those who are finally searching for smartness. From today onward you all are become smart ones. Sounds good? Let me know which point you really enjoy my blog?For more interesting blogs be with us. Don’t forget to follow this guides and if you like this give comments also.

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