Badulla Adventure Hiking Places and Tips

Are you interest in hiking? If you are a hiker how many mountains did you climb? Have you hiked in other countries like Iceland? If so have you checked out their iceland travel guide? Today’s modern adventure thing is hiking. Most of the teenagers love hiking. But most of the hiking places are too far and if we travel a long time after also we can find only one hiking trails. Here we are going to see more than 5 hiking trails in one place. Does this sound good? Yes, Badulla district has most of the natural beauty and adventure places. The hiking trails are the most important and famous in here. Let give a look about that.

Ella Rock

Most of the adventure like people heard about this place. It’s one of the 3 most visited places in Sri Lanka. Most of the foreigners like to hike Ella rock. Its safety and natural sighting trails. No need any guide if you already hike any trails. Better make a gang of people and you can enjoy the journey. The correct way of the Ella Rock is to take a Badulla to Colombo train and get down at kital Ella station and walk along about 300m until you find a gravel road to your left-hand side after a 50-100m it’ll cross the stream that feeds the Ravana Ella with a concrete bridge now you can follow the road all the way to the summit. It’s about 2-3 km moderate hike to Ella rock.

If you are hiker the distance may be short for you but believe me, you can enjoy the maximum adventure in this hiking and enjoy the natural views.



The gorgeous mountain is Namunukula. I am sure you can enjoy the hiking and admire the beauty of Namunukula.Take a bus to Passara and there are many pathways to hike Namunukula but here I would mention only one path. If you want to go to the highest peak of it, the easiest way is after get down to Namunukula Village from the 3rd-mile post in Badulla-Passara road. If you love to face Adventure this is the best one. Because it’s such a hard trekking because more than 16 km you want to hike.

Namunukula is the 9th highest mountain in Sri Lanka and it has 9 peaks. The above root is for the highest peak of it. Most of the hiking lovers climb it. There are jeep to go for the top but if you want to enjoy the maximum you must trek it.


Mini Adam’s Peak

Adam’s peak we all heard about that but it’s a smaller version of it. The shape of the both are the same but there’s a huge difference between the heights. It’s the easiest hike. Mini Adam’s peak near to Ella Rock and located in Passara. It’s suitable for beginners to hiking and family trips. It’s better to trekking in the early morning or evening time better to avoid afternoon. On the way to Mini Adam’s Peak, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with tea plantations and a fantastic view of Ella Rock and Ella Gap.


Lipton’s Seat

It’s in Haputalle town. It’s a gorgeous green tea estate and you want to climb nearly 7 km from the town to hill. For best experience walk along with your gang. The trail itself is glorious and the top you can see the statue of Sir St. Thomas Lipton. There are many estate people especially you must see most of the children they talk very friendly sometimes themselves they become a guide to the tourists. You can enjoy the walk between rows and rows of gleaming tea plants. At the top the entire view is spectacular.


Haputalle Rail Hike

Haputalle has a fantastic weather and glorious natural sights also. The Haputalle rail hike is the best to enjoy the whole beauty of Haputalle. You want to catch up from Haputalle railway station along the rail track you want to walk towards Ohiya. You can enjoy the mesmerizing scenery of the hill country. After walking through the Thangamale sanctuary, you come across tunnel no 36 and walking through the tunnel towards Ohiya. After you can see the footpath that leads to the uphill of the tea estate within 15 minutes. You can continue the hike and you can reach Idalgashinna.From that place, you want to hike 8.8km through 19 tunnels passing tea and turpentine plantations. You can go through it and reach Pattipola.


It’s the hardest hiking. But for an adventurer, you can really enjoy the tough time and face the hard thing. It’s a fantastic hiking above 10 km you want to hike the hardest path. The mesmerizing view is unforgettable memories because you get the feel after the hard work.

There are some great travel guides that listed by our That is Eco Team, Sri Lanka Tailor-Made, Nature Paradise Travel.

Therefore the enjoy is important but always take care of safety. Always before panning the hike have a look at the weather and well plan it. There are many hiking organizers. It gives another experience with a lot of hikers from various places. Do you enjoy my blog? If it’s yes share your tips that you newly gain from my one and if it’s No share the tips that you have not from mine. Let me know quickly in the comments below.

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