Which Schools Role in The Development of One’s Personality?

The school has played vital roles in building up the personality of a person from ancient times, it is in schools that a man’s life is made or marred.

In olden days too, there were schools in Eastern countries. For example in India, there were schools functioning at the teacher’s house. A teacher was referred as ‘Guru”’ and the schools  “Gurukulam”. Well to do students only had the privilege of pursuing education and the rest of the society remained illiterate. As there were class and caste system, the lower classes or caste were denied education.


The present type and system of education were introduced by the Christian Missionaries and several reforms were ushered into schools. One of the noteworthy reform was the introduction of school uniform which defeated the difference between the rich and the poor and the caste. It removed the inferiority feelings of the downtrodden, who finally emancipated in the society to better citizens.

Today almost all the people except for very poor countries are literate and are able to manage their own affairs. As such, we could at ease say that schools have a greater role to play in the life of a nation. Schools train young minds to take up responsibility in the society when they grow up. At the age of five or six, a child is sent to a school. The child enters into a new world. It sees a new environment from home. At home, a child lives in a certain environment hit by parents and other members of the family. But schools open up new visits to the tender minds. Some children quickly get adjusted to the new environment while others take more time.


The environment affects them. The school is the place where the minds are straightened and molded. They learn tolerance here. When a child passes through this development, it is ready to enter a bigger circle in the wide world.

Youth sees the world through the school as a responsible institution. It enforces strict discipline on students. It seems that its students grow up together as good people to the society. Hence, schools nurture good citizens and foster a peaceful society only where better development can prosper for the good of all. The schools occupy a unique place in the lives of individuals and nations.

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