Do you Know The Amazing Story About Highest Lotus Tower??

In Srilanka, the Buddhist kingdom with a great desire for peace and development, the lotus is considered as the flower which symbolizing pure, clean and honest. It is a fusion of reality and ideal, as well as the perfect combination of past and future. The lotus is the inspiration of Colombo lotus tower .symbolizing the flourishing development of Srilanka.


Shape & Color

The shape of Tower base is inspired by the lotus throne which implying to peace and stability of the country. The tower base is formed by two invented trapezoidal. The hyperbolic and circular to diamond shape changing color transition effects of the lower body. The color of the tower house shall be gradually changed from pink to light yellow and white by a smooth transition. Color and shaping effects shall be achieved by coating the glass and steel structure designed by the formation of petal shapes. The ubiquitous detail consideration reflecting the designer’s meticulous planning and originality.


Srilanka’s recent strategic developments in the recent years have transformed into an emerging force in South Asia to be reckoned with its economical level and international status is further enhanced, ameliorated and consistently progressing at a rapid pace along with the wave of the developing world to be the landmark building in Colombo. The proposed entire scene is a photographic jewel that excites the imagination and attracts thousands of visitors year-round.


The tower is located on the intersection of the East-West axis and North-South axis which divide the  site into four regions. The main entrance for visitors is located in the west part. The entrance for vehicle is located in the north part. The main entrance is located in the west of the tower , while north entrance is for VIP , east & south entrance are sub-entrance for visitors. The circle road connects the inner part of field. The field will flow harmoniously  where human and vehicle traffic are distributed separately. The field includes leisure space, children park and ground parking . There are 120 parking spaces in the parking area. Vertical dive, bumping boat, children paradise, and bungee rocket are included in the children’s park.


Tower Design

The leisure Area could be used for outdoor events like open-air performance, outdoor film screenings, snack, or BBQ’s. Beautiful landscape design, wonderful water park ,gorgeous night lighting and vinous leisure facilities in the tower site will surely offer Colombo a new choice of amusement place. The east-west axis is the landscape axis, on which the visitors can see sculptures. Entrance plaza, fountain on their west side and waterscape, green gardens on the east side.

The lotus tower was designed with the fusion of sculpture aesthetic structural mechanics and the feature of national culture. It is a national landmark structure. Golden section was adopted in the design body of the tower. The tower house is similar to a blossoming lotus embodying the prosperous development of Srilanka. The design of tower base is from the lotus throne of Buddhism, symboling the peace and development of the state.

As a unique TV tower in South Asia, the tower is 350m high. Colombo TV tower embodies the taking off of the whole nation and the spirit and view of facing the world. The total structure includes mast, tower house, tower body and tower base. Three sets of high-speed lifts will lift visitors to the top of tower directly at the speed of 5m/s.


This tower integrates the functions of celebration, ceremony, exhibition, restaurant, tourism, museum, conference and technical service. Lotus tower will promote the development of tourism in Colombo. Injecting creativity, progress, and vitality into the city. It is a unique symbol, a significant element and a colorful highlight in the history of the national development of Srilanka. It is a kind of quality of future, a unique visual aesthetic, and a typical culture of Srilanka. Srilanka, as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, will give the world a whole new visual impact.

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