Why Should Youngsters Interconnect With Technology Updates?

The world is running very fast. The youngsters are the key people for the growth. They have been matured or motivated comparing to the youngsters in early 1990’s. for them the life itself is combined with technologies. It’s been an integral part of their existence, when their parents even the adults at home even don’t know about how to operate a mobile phone.


But even in such backward areas, villages some young people are not much attached with technology updates when their batch mates from cities are accessing with laptops and smart phones. When the environment and the people around you look like this, you’re bound to adapt to it and embrace it as a perfectly natural part of your life. Sometimes they are addicted to it and at times they feel perfectly comfortable with that. The young people, who are not attached with, have to be educated to interconnect with technology updates. There are instructions and manual books are available, but the fact is that when you go and access those stuffs you will be easily familiar with that. Technology may not be essential for human’s survival but it is very important to face the challenging competitive world.

The availability of updates and the advances in technology aren’t only targeted at young people, but they tend to be the ones who embrace them first. They believe that they are the right choice to make full use of it. The output will be a good one when youngsters access the updates of technology. It will produce an enormous result in the field of information technology.

Young people use the internet and social media to:

  • Connect with people all around the world by mailing messaging and commenting for their updates in social Medias.
  • Get to know something new related to their fields.
  • Play online games
  • Watching films, serials and events on YouTube.


Since we are the young people we need to update ourselves towards the modern world. Having fun and staying connected to our friends and family is important. Some teenagers are spending more times connecting with friends and with social Medias. Another set of people are hanging out with online games. Its good having fun with the technology updates but the fact is that how could we be benefited with the updates. That is very important.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Today the possibilities for technology are endless. It makes a big impact in every field.Education, economics, management, business and communication. Everything will be modernized in coming years and the youngsters are the premier consumers. So they have to have a clear idea about how to access the modern devices. We can do virtually anything with our laptops or mobile phones. From paying bills, watching local channels and interacting people from abroad.

It is not only providing endless possibilities, it is also improving the things that we have to do everyday easier. We have to educate the important of being familiar with the technology updates to the young people. Because they are willing to face the challenging world in next.

Use-The-Internet And-Social-Medias
  • Gathering Information quickly

We can receive the results for our requests with a few clicks. And there are search engines available to get more and more needed information.

  • Broaden The Mind

In the early days children only knew what their parents or teachers taught to them. After internet made a big impact, they could be able to sharpen their minds in their own style.no need for them to depend on others. They can create their own passion. They could understand the outside world. Then they will be given with the priority in the society.

Disadvantages of Technology

  1. Accessing the unnecessary contents

The biggest problem when it comes to the use of technology is how much it affects the school going children as how easy pornographic, violent, and other misuse activities can be accessed and viewed. This issue may be spread out among the students. It is fair when such websites are customized and available only for elders.

2.Cyber crimes and illegal hackings


There are chances for such crimes to happen. There are also problems of privacy when the secret information is intercepted or accessed. Some websites and private accounts may be disabled.

Today youngsters are constantly sitting with computers and smart phones. They are essential communication and inform action tools for them.

Now we are in the 21st century. The young people are the main Concern and they have to study the modernized world. They have to understand the updates. They are the responsible people for the growth. They are getting better and gaining experience. Sometimes they have to pick themselves up and carry on. They have to stand up, show their skills and have to face the challenging world. So this is why youngsters have to interconnect with the technology updates.

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