Why Sri Lanka Is The Best Choice For Your Christmas Celebration?

All festivals are celebrated to create happiness among humans. Most of us like to celebrate their holidays during the festivals at exiting places around the world. Christmas is celebrated majority of the people in the world. Christmas is celebrated although the month of December. Here I would like to suggest the ways to celebrate your Christmas as memorable moments and Discover Why Sri Lanka will be the best place to celebrate Christmas.

Why Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka is a wonderful island which has possible whether for tourist throughout the year. Although the majority of Sri Lankan population is Buddhists and Christians make up only 7% of the total population of the country but Sri Lankan celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm. Specially the Christmas days Sri Lanka looks like an angel at night times. You can taste the natural beauty of Sri Lanka in the daytime and artificial beauty produced by lights in night time. Christmas days are so special in Sri Lanka because all citizens celebrate it without any religious discrimination.

Sri Lanka’s Interesting Places


There are coastal areas and hill country areas. The capital of Sri Lanka Colombo provides the luxury hotels, restaurants, super markets in the world best standard. In the Christmas time it’s the best place to enjoy in the world. There are many events for celebration of Christmas festival. That are Shopping Fiestas, musical shows, Night Street Dances, Beachside bbq Parties, Street food festivals and etc.

Sri Lanka is the owner of World tallest Christmas tree. Guinness World Record as the tallest Christmas tree ever erected – standing at a towering 100 meters. The metal, cone-shaped skeleton was to be dressed with green mesh and adorned with an estimated one million red, gold, blue and silver hand-painted pine cones, lit up with some 800,000 twinkling LED lights.

A spectacular 20-foot-tall star – weighing some 60 kilograms – would have been placed on top. There was even going to be a 20-foot-long Santa Claus figure on a sledge – complete with reindeer right alongside it.


The foundations had already been laid; the trunk and the first ring were complete. The giant star lay forlornly propped up near a pile of discarded pine cones. The rest of the tree lay in pieces around the site overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Galle Face is one of Colombo’s most popular promenades, and people from all over the island of Sri Lanka had been expected to come and admire the tree.

Since Christmas is followed closely by the New Year, an atmosphere of festivity and celebration prevails everywhere. Shops and offices are beautifully decorated and a huge shopping festival takes place from around the end of November right up till Christmas, and ‘Sale’ signs can be seen in almost all shops, with attractive price reductions being offered. Sending Christmas cards to family and friends both here and overseas is another tradition that still continues. Hotels and commercial establishments are given a facelift around mid-November with seasonal decorations, and an interesting fact is the emerging trend of utilizing natural materials such as twigs, jute, leaves, etc., to create a natural but visually stunning Christmas ambiance.


Churches prepare for Christmas by organizing Carol Services. On the 24th of December, Christmas Eve, Churches hold midnight mass to herald the dawn of Christmas. At midnight thousands of firecrackers are lit – a very popular Sri Lankan practice at any major festival. After mass, everyone goes home to share cake and wine and exchange gifts.

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