Are You Want to Be Happy Forever?

What do you want to be happy? 1 crore money? Beachside a bungalow? Hero chance in cinema? Is Life it enough to be happy? Are you sure that these will make you happy forever? Needs may be different for each person. Go to America, Beautiful girlfriends, lifelong data connection, iPhone x likewise needs may be different. But if you will have these all are you happy forever? No, after that our likes will be gone for another. In here I would share some tips to be happy for lifelong.

In which happiness depend on? Very simple. Happiness depends on your feelings that be happy. Now list down what are the activities that bring happiness to you? After that when you see that list you can feel that are very simple and less costly one. But still, why don’t we do that? This is the point all the people struggle. Ask yourself why didn’t you try your happiness activities? Most of the answers are my family don’t like, my boyfriend doesn’t allow, my friends don’t come with me etc. These are only the reasons to stop your happiness, is it silly? Yes, we always think about what other people think about us when we did this.


We think about other’s feelings to our own happiness. We always did this. We also think that money brings happiness so we earn without any relax after that we have money but again we don’t have any happiness. Why? Now we have money but we afraid of thieves and search ways to how to save this. There is an unwritten rule is our life depends on money. But money is important but that is not important than our happiness. Think if money can bring happiness, then Bill gate is the world’s happiest man, Is he? No than him other poor children have happiness. So don’t think money will bring happiness. Without money, you can be happy.

Are you confuse? Now we will see where’s happiness? Simple happiness is on you. Yes, you are the responsibility for your happiness. First stop thinks about others. It means always you think what others felt about you. Just stop that. If you want to do something, just do it. Think how you could miss many things in your life when you thought others. If you want to go jogging you can go, but what we did is we ask for father, brother, and friend, if they didn’t come we never go jogging. On that time you feel nothing, but after sometime when you see a photo on Facebook one of your friend post on early morning scenes, then you must feel missing. So you must consider only your thoughts and happiness. Don’t allow others to decide what you want to do? If you allow you can’t be happy because they didn’t know about you than yourself.


We afraid to laugh because there is a believing when we laugh too much today maybe tomorrow we will cry. Today is the reality, not tomorrow. We can’t know that tomorrow will sure for everyone. But today is in our hand. Do what you feel at that time. If you want to laugh or cry do at that time. If you control your feelings for others it will become another big problem for your health. Don’t afraid of future, it will be or not but today is present, live your life today. Always we search for factors of sad and be sad, why can’t we change this in another way?

We always search for problems in every event in our life. It’s our nature. When we see a sad film we feel sad, but why can’t we appreciate that actors acting? When we have exams we start to think bad from the first day of study leave, but anyone feels happy on we have this long study leave to study our subjects. If you feel like this about everything you can’t be sad. We must search happiness on every event and feel that in reality don’t hide from others. Each and every person think others but that others are not other than you.


All are thinking that when you don’t care about the society you can’t be respect in the world. But think about the famous people, If Artist Shahrukh Khan thought about his society he can’t be a famous artist, but he didn’t care that’s why he can achieve this level. The society can accept when you go high level only, they didn’t forget your past. We always think about society so we can’t try anything or achieve anything so we are in low.

Therefore happiness depends on each of you. Don’t feel shy to do whatever you feel happy. Be real when you want to be laugh or cry do at that time. There are no rules for gender-wise. List down the activities that make you happy and give a maximum try to achieve it. Does this make any sense? Give your ideas about being happy in the comments below.

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