Since we are in the 21st century, the advancement of technology and the expectations towards fashion made a big impact in the modern world. Teenagers are willing to adapt themselves according to the changes in the society. The technology developments made our life more comfortable and fashionable. Teenagers are the people who are very much interested towards these changes.

Modern world is different from our earlier ancestors. The ancestors only concentrated on hunting, farming, and religious activities. They were not looking for competitive fashionable life. They tried to fulfill their basic essential requirements, and protect themselves from the terrible beast that roamed the earth. Today teenagers take their own decision and live a fashionable life. Our fashions need to be  developed according to our culture and tradition.

Group of young people in fashion clothes with cityscape in the background

Teenagers get to know about the changes of fashion from the internet and social Medias. The advancement in media helps people in every nook and corner to get information of the latest fashion and watch all sorts of fashion display in fashion parade in the west while being at home. They will be updated for the new trending.

Fashion is not always all about how a person looks like. Sometimes it depends on his/her behavior and life style. The way they are dressing up, their hairstyle, the brand of their vehicles and mobile phones. The parents at home are struggling to fulfill the specific needs of their children. This fashion is somewhat like drugs. There is a common opinion among youngsters. They believe drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette also a part of fashion. Teenagers are addicted or attracted so much and react to this immediately and try themselves to be fashionable like the westerners, forgetting their own country’s culture and tradition.


Fashion is mostly reflected from their dresses .Some of these teenagers wear these fashionable short tight dresses which are not suitable to reflect our culture. Cultural dresses are hidden nowadays. We can only see people who wear cultural dresses in temples. That has also been changed when the foreigners come and visit to temples. They are not interested in representing their cultures from their dresses. Even though they know these dresses are not suitable, they wear them because they want to be the most fashionable person in the society. Youngsters don’t even hesitate to wear these dresses to parties and to public places. They have drain pipe trousers, teacher bells and fashionable shirts.  The girls may imitate like boys by wearing shirts, ties and jeans. Usually these dresses are worn by teenagers to show off themselves.


Hair style

Hair style is the most interesting thing among youngsters. Some have the railing stone hair or lump with a curl.They try their best with the hair to show themselves different in the society. The boys may have a Beatles hair cut-which is very common in Sri Lanka and abroad. Even girls also interest in trying new styles by curling their hairs and straightening. Most of the time they look to imitate the cinema stars. They are done with the most experienced and specialist makeup artists. It could not be the same when teenagers try those. Some youngsters imitate the heroes, at the same time few among them like to imitate the “villains “from films.

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Brands of things and ornaments

Boys try some fashions which mean to girls earlier; girls try some fashions which mean to boys earlier. That is interesting.Their expectation towards vehicle is increasing frequently. Especially bikes, they want to change bikes within a short period of time with a new brand and higher engine power. Ear pin and tattoo are the trending fashion which attract most youngsters. The watches, shoes, sun glasses and phone they are using also the part of fashion. Having expensive items satisfies them a lot.

Tourism also imports these fashions to our country which damages our culture and tradition. When teenagers are attracted by their fashion, whether they rich or poor they try to be fashionable person. Some families may be struggling to have meals per a day, and it is hard for their parents to give money for these unwanted things. These activities lead them to do robbery; thuggery and violence in the society. They lose their period which they should spend on their studies. They miss to understand the moral truth as having a proper education is also a fashion. They try to avoid studies. They don’t concentrate much on that. After money take part in education system, they are ready to spend a huge amount of money for their higher education. They never realize that “the time which is last lost is forever and cannot be regained”. In the end they become dependent children to their parents.

Teenagers are too fast and quick and therefore they cannot be corrected by anyone. Fashions keep changing from time to time. The teenagers also change themselves according to the prevailing fashions. Change is a must but you have to change your fashion and update yourself by representing your respective culture and tradition.

Thank you.

guys let’s share your own fashions!

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  1. sitpu February 28, 2018 Subscriber

    We are always looking to change the fashions.real things you write.superb.

    • Paviththiran February 28, 2018 Author

      yes that is our happiness.Thank you.

  2. kishan February 28, 2018 Subscriber

    Nice article pavi.keep writing.

    • Paviththiran March 1, 2018 Author

      Thank you.

  3. lukshan February 28, 2018 Subscriber

    There are such ugly scenes we need to see in the name of fashion.good article.

    • Paviththiran March 1, 2018 Author

      yes those efforts from people need to be avoided.thank you.

  4. sobi February 28, 2018 Subscriber

    Great article bro.keep writing.

    • Paviththiran March 1, 2018 Author

      thank you.

  5. Abiramy March 1, 2018 Subscriber

    “Eat for you and dress for others”
    Keep this in mind whenever u try to adapt fashionable dresses.
    Good article Paviththiran.

  6. Paviththiran March 1, 2018 Author

    Yes right.Thank you.

  7. Tharu March 1, 2018 Subscriber

    Yes we also try to adapt towards the fashion.good article.

    • Paviththiran March 1, 2018 Author

      Thank you tharu.

  8. kanagarathnam mauran March 2, 2018 Subscriber

    Good article keep it up

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