Effects Of Tobacco And Alcohol In Our Generation Kids

The younger generation is considered as the leaders of future. The future development of a country totally depends in the hands of the youngsters. In this 21st century, every field are growing technologically. Old ideas and old technologies are insufficient for developing a nation. Especially a developing country like Sri Lanka has to build up a strong foundation for the development of the youngsters.


But nowadays the use of alcohol and tobacco are a serious issue for the youngsters. Especially the teenagers are mostly affected by the alcohol and tobacco. In this particular age, they think the film heroes as their role model. They are trying to live the lifestyle of the heroes and heroines which are shown in the films. This causes the sinks for the development of the youngsters. In most of the films the hero drinks and smokes when he was a love failure or in a sad mood.

Negative Role Models

The youngsters think that their role models way can give them relief when they face the same situation. Further, the persons encourage their friends and lead their friends also to an addict for the bad habits. Many instances the smokers and drunkards treat the detotlers like a disabled and ignoring them. So this will affect the others also. The government is also supporting the tobacco and alcoholic products because this is the major way of income of a country. So many bars and wine shops have built new in the urban areas to rural areas to spoil the life of the innocent citizens.


Problem regarding these issues

If a person is addicted to smoking and drinking the losses his or her unconsciousness after a time he doesn’t know what to do. So this may bring unwanted conversations, fights, lust, and distraction to the properties. We may see the persons begging for money in front of the wine shops for an arrack. Most of the families are having conflicts at the evening and night times because of this alcohol. In another hand, the addition to the above causes a lot of expenses.

A smoker usually spends about 300-500/- of money for smoking only on a particular day. So this may lead the family too poor. The small children are also affected by the smoke of the cigarette.Recently the government reduces the price of the beer and this increase the consumption of the liquor. At the same time, the price of the cigarettes was increased but the amount of consumption is not reduced. This shows the addition of our people in the above matters.


Cause of many diseases

The youngsters don’t realize the side effects of the alcohol and tobacco. These habits cause cancer blood pressure and more deadly diseases. So most of the drunkards and smokers become patients when they enter the age of 40. So then they have to spend the valuable money for the treatment of the incurable diseases.The medical world and doctors are saying that only 40 % of the smoke affects the smoker and the rest of the smoke affects the people who are inhaling the smoke. By this habits, youngsters are losing their concentration in their studies and their personal talents. At a stage, they think that the alcohol can only make them happy.


After a stage, the drunkard has no way of income for the consumption of liquors. So they started to steal the money from others. So this will lead to cultural distractions in our country. Smoking and drinking of ladies affect the total family. A race will lose its identity by these bad habits. But this is not unstoppable. If our government stops the sales of alcohol and tobacco the amount of consumption will be decreased in large amount. Proper awareness must be given to the teenagers by their parents and teachers about the alcohol and tobacco. Suitable consultancy should be given to those who are addicted to smoking and drinking.


The society has to intake the persons those who went wrong. By these only we can have a developed country in the future. Otherwise, we have to sell our motherland to alcohol and tobacco in future. So dear youngsters what do you think about this issues? If you want to add more values to my blog comment your suggestions below.

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