Do You Have Enough Sleep?

People tend to have enough sleep, less sleep and irregular sleep leads to many consequences in their life. Which leads to serious effects on learning, memory and day to day performance.

Science tells that everyone needs 8 hours of rest per day. But practically no one has that much sleep, especially students. We students, mostly wandering on the internet all the time. Especially in Srilanka, we stay awake to use that bundle of data allocated for the night time by our ISPs. Sometimes I feel awkward when I continuously skip my regular sleeping needs. Sleeping might affect many ways, internally and externally.

How sleep effects internally

  • It limits the ability to learn
  • Affects Listening
  • Affects Concentration and Attention
  • Reduces the memorability – sometimes we forget important names, dates, and numbers
  • Drowsiness
  • Feels moody and rapid anger even on small things
  • Feels frustrating

These kinds of effects directly impact on students performance. If one student couldn’t concentrate on the lectures how can he score in the examinations?

Frustration and being moody will effects on a person’s social life. People don’t wish to be around with someone yelling at them for no reasons. Also, frustration will increase the negative thoughts inside a person. It makes them suspicious of themselves and others too. It might ruin their relationship with people around them. Less performance will through back negative comments from other. Think what will happen a frustrated man hear negative feedbacks again and again. It will eventually increase suspicious about himself and affect him psychologically.

How Sleep Effects Externally?

Our brain will get sleep, even we don’t want to. It is like a computer programmed to a forced shutdown. If we don’t have enough nap it might lead to severe accidents and illnesses, which affects us physically.

  • Accidents while driving motor vehicles
  • Gastritis and stomach ulcer
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Increases cell damage in the brain
  • Unbalanced diet and appetite
  • Overweight
  • Teenagers will get prone to pimples


These are some of the physical damages that can occur due to lack of sleep. Sleep is vital as the air we breathe. Sleeping time will adjust according to our internal clock. The clock which prompts to sleep and wake up. It functions with the help of hormones inside our body. If we sleep after 11:00 pm for two-three days the internal clock will adjust the sleep time to 11:00 pm. Which we will not feel sleepy before that time. Waking up time also adjusted like that.

Anyhow, we have to schedule our sleep for 8 hours. Scientific studies witnesses that people who have 8 – 10 hours of sleep performing better than the others. So always keep in mind we need proper sleep to function properly. There can be incidents in your life, caused by lack of sleep share it with us!

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