Importance Of Self-Empowerment

Have you felt like the whole world is crashing down on you and you are the only one who is caught between tides? I think everyone has experienced some kind of an emotional breakdown throughout their lives.  The cause might be your friends, co-workers, lover and even your parents at certain times. The world is not always a bed of roses we all have to deal with certain difficult situations when we pass through crucial milestones of our lives. Therefore self-empowerment is a very important concept we need to discuss in order to be successful in life’s dealings.

According to current statistics, the suicide rates of Sri Lankan people who age below 30 has been drastically increased due to different social and economic causes along with the drug and excessive alcohol usage. The depression of youth is a devil we should counter before the current situation worsens in upcoming years. In order to withhold depression, the youth needs to have the courage to empower themselves. The concept of self-empowerment is based on knowing your own worth.


The importance of life needs to be understood by everyone and we should be grateful for having a life to enjoy and harvest many opportunities and possibilities. When life throws sticks and stones at you, you yourself should be able to turn them into praises and flowers through becoming strong within yourself.  Being empowered within can make you able to achieve anything in life. All the great personalities who did massive things to this world have been empowered themselves to raise their potential to do well in this world.

As a proper example for people empowered themselves to be better J.K Rowling’s story helps us to prove a jobless single mother who was in a depression, whose storyline was rejected by 12 publishers can become the richest author with a net worth of 1 billion USD creating a countless number of potter heads in the world. Likewise, there are many persons who realized their self-worth in harsh times such as Jack Ma who got rejected from 30 jobs including KFC and who got rejected from Harvard 10 times. He wasn’t always the best and the brightest in school and college exams but finally, he created a very famous online shopping chain named as Alibaba which has a net worth of 23.7 billion USD.

Stephen Hawking who was diagnosed with a disease which shuts down the nerves at age 21, the prime of his life, eventually lost his ability to speak and move but he fought his inner demons and became a well-known physicist with a net worth of 20 million USD. All of you know Nick Vujicic who became a renowned motivational speaker despite his disabled status and all of these great personalities provides us living examples for realizing the self-worth of oneself. Disability, age, family status, racial parameters and level of education are not boundaries which can limit what you can achieve. You should always have a will to achieve more and to show your real capacity to the world when life kicks you down several times.

Therefore during hard times, you have to awaken up your inner voice and work hard to prove the people who accused you wrong and to do good to this world. The one who finds the courage within themselves to stand up against the world are the ones who later the whole world follows. Therefore you should not let anyone define what you are and you should define yourself and fly high. So don’t let anyone trip you down and be courageous and empowered to make our country the paradise everyone wishes to live in. Thank you. Share your views below in the comment box.
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