Why Quality is Important When Choosing a Business Directory?

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Despite how professional your website looks and how big the number of your social media following is, getting more business can be harsh.

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to attract more customers or clients to your business, an online business directory in Sri Lanka is one of the top solutions you will find among the online marketing methods.

For the most part, such services aren’t extensively expensive, don’t take a lot of time to set up and can be advantageous in several ways including, SEO benefits, more traffic, increased credibility and more.

But, this can easily backfire if you don’t select a quality directory service. Use of a low-quality online directory might end you up with,

  • Wasting your money


Any service with poor quality never bothers about offering anyone a quality, neither visitors nor you. Such services might attract false traffic just to boost their unique visitor number on their website which will help them attract more and more people to list with them which will lead to increase in competition and decrease in visibility, wasting your money.

  • Getting flagged by Google


Most of the time Google has no love for low-quality websites and this includes online business directory websites with false practices. When you partner up with such a service, the love Google has for you will diminish or disappear impacting negatively on your SEO.

  • Damage your reputation

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Your business has a reputation to maintain a company that pursues quality. When you end up appearing on low-quality directories who do wrong, think about how bad it can be for your brand?

It’s clear that the quality is important when choosing a Business Directory, which leads us to the next question how to select a quality online business directory. To make the process simple and easy for you, here we have listed 8 ways to recognize a quality directory service.

   1. Exclusivity

If the number of businesses listed under one category is enormous, the chances are, they cannot give you the exposure you are seeking.

   2. Location

Location, Business Services, Categories

Services that allow you list per service area can bring more business as the possibilities are high for visitors nearby your business to find you online.

   3. Looking professional

Does the service’s website have an up-to-date design, quality content? Are the listings are up-to-date?

  4. Easy to use

If the navigation through the website is complex, most of the people won’t be sticking around for too long.

  5. Mobile-Friendly


Since nowadays, people do a lot of browsing with their mobile devices, your directory service being mobile-friendly is a must.

  6. Can anyone advertise there?

Directory services that do not do submission manual reviewing, might not care about the value or the quality of the service much.

  7. Traffic and numbers

Having a healthy number of unique visitors per month and percentage of bounce rate is important to get results. In addition, never forget to learn how they get traffic to their website.

  8. Wrap Up

A quality directory indeed can help you get more customers and many other benefits to your business. So, all you have to do is find a right one with a little bit of research.

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