How to Generate Quality Leads Through Business Directories?

You have spent on a website and even started social media accounts for your business. You have recently started blogging as well. But, you still don’t get leads as you’ve expected, to grow your business to the next level. Then, keep reading to find out about an effective way- getting listed in an online business directory in Sri Lanka, which can generate more business without cost you another fortune.

Directory In Srilanka

Allowing any business owner list their business under a related category and location, an online business directory is simply the yellow pages brought online. The sole purpose of it is to help any type and kind of business owner generates more potential opportunities for more business, mainly in the following ways.

1)  With more exposure

To gain more business through online world having a website is not enough. You need to take necessary the actions to increase your online visibility- where getting listed in an online business directory comes in handy.  When you list your business in an online business online, it enables you to get the attention of a wider range of audience through better online visibility.

Local Online Visibility

2) By driving more traffic

Getting attention cannot help you get more leads unless you could find a way to make them interested about your brand. Online business directories give you several opportunities to get your profile viewers to check more about your business by leading them to your website and social media profiles.


You can see how we at Uplist allows our listers add their websites, social profiles and contact number in their profile.

Online business directories help you get rid of the most of the weight of getting more exposure and traffic, saving you more money, time and effort. Here we have listed 2 main tips for those who are interested in online business directories to get the best out of your listings.

3) Select a good online business directory in Sri Lanka.

The quality of the directory service (Please add the link to the “Why Quality is Important When choosing a Business Directory?”) you are going to use will ultimately affect the results you gain. For an example, if anyone can publish on the service there’s definitely a question about its quality.

Good Online Business Directory In Sri Lanka

Reputation, exclusivity, and advertising are other few things you should consider when selecting a good online business directory.

4) Make your profile stand out from the rest

When you can find several options to choose from in one place, the competition gets high. This is the reason you should utilize every feature offered by the listing service to make your profile stand out from the rest.

Make Your Profile Stand Out From The Rest

This includes filling every blank space you get in the sign-up form to utilizing every word or character until you reach the limit, to let the visitors show you why you are the best.

5) Up to you

The time you have to hustle every day to get more exposure or new traffic to your website can be reduced in a great deal as online business directories are ready to take the burden from you only for a small amount of money which you are going to find worth investing. List your business with a high-quality online business directory and enjoy the benefits even when you are in sleep.

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