Man has Become a Slave and not the Master of Technology

Today modern technology has penetrated into almost all faculties of man’s daily life. It had made life easy, less cumbersome, meaningful and contribution. If it is not for the modern technology , man may still has to continue his sheer existence. But at the same time one should also admit the fact that it has made man lazy. He does not like to take any effort to use his own skills to satiate his needs and hence his skills have become doomed and go unused. In other words man is not independent now. He has to look for some gadget or other just to make his life to move. For example, just to wash clothes he needs a washing machine which helps him to wash in no time; and sometimes better than he could do by hand.

Woman Loading Washing Machine In Kitchen

Again man has become addicted to modern technology. For example: Smart Phone.  Everyone is now crazy of owning a smart phone without which he/she feels that he/she is helpless. One can certainly understand the indispensability of a smart phone in the present days. but one should not become addicted to it because it may so happen that the government may suspend the use of smart phones for some reason and one should be able to manage in such situations.

Another influence of the modern technology is that we gradually lose our creativity and we depend on these items. For example, in a kitchen man has many options like gas cooker, or Kerosene cooker, which ever he thinks best, he could choose. Even the utensils and the recipe for food items are supplied and there is no chance for one to use his creativity or talents.

Another drawback in modern technology is the waste of time particularly due to the modern mass media. People spend long hours with televisions neglecting their daily duties specially the school children. The increase in crimes is a result of films today. Wherever there is a T.V at home, the little ones and students watch the worthless programmes that adults and normal people shun to see.


The students also don’t show any in natural learning. They feel that Internet provides all the information. They get little opportunity to use their brain to improve their intelligence and their knowledge.

The impact of modern technology in office administration is also great. The whole system has been revolutionized with it. There cannot be a single department which can function without the help of a misfit to any office. The work done by hundreds of people is done by a single computer and with more accuracy. Thus the cost of administration is also reduced. By all these comforts man has become urbanized, civilized modernized but and only the slaves of time.

Another invention of modern Technology is Robots. It is human in shape and it function like man. It can move, see, identify, detect, pull, push and can do hundred more function with precision. Due to this marvelous invention, man has become lazy.


Nowadays “Instant Food” has become into fashion . It is also a kind of modern invention. One can prepare one’s lunch in a matter of minutes. This has eased the life and a lot of rest to the housewife. A lot of precious time is saved from the kitchen fire and labor. But most of regarding the modern-day ailments skin, heart nerves and  blood can be traced due to artificial food. People who eat healthy food can live long and can be disease free. So we must get back to tradition not only in eating but also living too.

In time to come if the modern technology is allowed to grow unchecked, there will be a time when robots will handle anything on earth and there will be very little for a man to do.

Modern technology is very useful to us. But we must not tend to depend on it for each and every activity. Thus we must treat the modern technology as an important need still we must not be a slave to it.

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