What’s the Price of Leisure in Modern Times?

Leisure means rest from one’s work. It means the occupation of the mind and the body in a happy state life. A gardener may be busy in the garden such as weeding, hoeing and watering the plants in his vegetable garden after his day’s programme. Modern life is complex. It is filled with worry and hurry because all things are being mechanized. People are aligned and seek money to acquire facilities for their comforts. They have the desire of money. so, they are very busy with their business. Everybody is over worked. Money making is the end of their life. So, people are materialistic. The find values of life receive little or no attention at all. There is no peace and calm in the life of the modern people. There is no hospitality, no friendliness and fellowship.


Leisure helps to relax our mind. There are lots of ways to improve ourselves through the means of leisure time activities. We can also earn money from the leisure time activities. We can also earn money from the leisure time activities if they are useful and valuable. Photography, Drawing pictures, designing the figures with artistic materials , gardening and sewing are some of the money-making hobbies. Nowadays, Students are constantly engaged over books. They are brought up without any skills or the outstanding knowledge rather than the text books. Their leisure time is limited as all their time is consumed by the tuition classes. Unknowingly we are developed through the leisure time activities. In the past The life of our primitive people was different from the people who live in the age of science and technology. The people were healthy and their span of life time was long due to their stress free life. But, nowadays the precious minutes are wasted away in thoughtless and purposeless activities. Leisure should restore our energy and so fit us for the work again.


Leisure does not mean that we should just sit and smoke away our time or wander about aimlessly. Leisure does not mean idleness. It is not to be spent in a round of noisy amusements or in a restless rush of exciting pleasures. It is not to be spent in playing cards, gambling, drinking and idling with gossips. It is an abuse of leisure. These are followed up in modern times under the list of ‘Leisure time activities’. It adds more mental strain not only to our mind but also to our physique.  Time is more precious than money. Teenagers are not guided by their parents because they have no time to spend or regulate their children happily. The life of future generation will be in a question mark if this trend continues. People are mentally stressed in their life with mental agony. The result will affect the majority of people who will suffer from physical and mental disorders.


All great and successful men and women have been great economies of time. They have never squandered their evenings, mornings, afternoons or nights but used them in the best way. This helped them not only to find a place in the history of mankind but could also change its course. So, the people in modern times must need leisure time to engage themselves free from the mental agonies and sufferings. Reading a good book like biography of a great man will keep the balance of our mind. Teaching the illiterate is the greatest task that we can do to our society.Our life is a bubble, a short morning dream, brittle as glass. Therefore, we should take good care of it and make the best use. We all want fame, success, happiness and prosperity but only a few are able to achieve this because only they make the best use of their time. So, leisure is a necessity in the interest of health and efficiency. It prolongs our life and makes it worth to live.

“No great man ever complains of want of opportunity.”

                                –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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